Has “Capitalism” Come to an End after the U.S. Election Chaos?

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Mr. Guo often says, “Capitalism doesn’t exist without capital,” which bluntly reveals that capital ranks first when it comes to social relationship.

Capitalism has made its contribution to human civilization in recent centuries. It has not only led to the rapid development of science and technology, but also to great progress in human thought and culture; not only have people’s material living standards been greatly improved, but many countries have also established democratic and legal systems. However, with the growth of the CCP in the past two or three decades, everything has changed. The world order and world civilization have been challenged in an unprecedented way. The political ecology of the whole world has changed, as can be seen in the U.S. presidential election.

people around the world were astounded by the US election this year. The election fraud was so pervasive. The main methods of cheating we have seen are: ballots submitted for dead people; more votes being submitted than the number of voters registered on the voter rolls; ballots being submitted multiple times in the same name; ballots from addresses that are no longer valid; ballot machine software being hacked; ballots marked for Trump being destroyed. Moreover, the travesty of the mainstream media (MSM) is so outrageous. In the US election, all the MSM and major social media side with the Democratic Party and have been censoring and covering up for the Biden family corruption and collusion with the CCP and turning a blind eye to the election fraud.

One wonders why the United States, the world’s most democratic and rule-based country, has fallen so far. The answer is simple: in a capitalist society, capital comes first. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP), seeing this fatal weakness of capitalist society, has taken advantage of the infinite greed of human nature to infiltrate the U.S. and Western countries, including senior political officials such as Biden, the financial systems of Wall Street and many big banks, major mainstream media and the technology industry. Democracy, morality, and the rule of law are so fragile in front of the CCP’s money bribe. Has “capitalism” come to an end?

In the long course of human history, every idea and every doctrine are the product of a certain history and exists under a certain historical condition. When historical conditions and circumstances change, it must be modified or replaced by more advanced ideas and more advanced doctrines, and the same is true of capitalism. One thing we believe is that the end of capitalism is by no means socialism or communism. As President Trump has repeatedly and publicly declared, we will not allow the United States to become a socialist country.

During this U.S. presidential election, the New Federal State of China created by Mr. Guo has not only stepped onto the stage of history with a brand-new posture, but its advanced thought “righteousness, truth prevails” is praised by people. This kind of thought is constantly being recognized and spread, and it may be a revision or replacement of “capitalism” in the future.

Mankind is facing tremendous changes, are we all ready?



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