Summary of the Mr. Mask Show (Nov 26, 2020)

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Dear comrades in arms, everyone, I’m Mr. Mask

1. Happy Thanksgiving to all your comrades and family! In recent days, the plot has shifted from media wars to legal wars, and the ending has become more and more clear. The comical process of the election between President Trump and Biden is about to end. Mr. Guo said in January and February that CCP would do whatever it takes to create a crisis to influence the US election, but it will eventually fail. It must be President Trump who win the election. Before the election, Mr. Guo went into the mountains, and then his comrades fought for more than two weeks! At that time, the whole world was in an uproar, and CCP-controlled media and cooperative BGY forces began singing praises for Biden. At this point, Mr. Guo made a live broadcast like a pinnacle, making it clear that President Trump must win in the end. Then the United States will launch an investigation, and then the cast go to the Supreme Court. After Mr. Miles Guo said live broadcast Xi Jinping (on behalf of CCP) would congratulate Biden. Originally, out of a series of considerations, Xi didn’t dare to congratulate him (saving a move to see how the situation develops), but when he knew that Biden would lose (knowing that this game is already a rotten one), he would definitely congratulate Biden on his election. Everything that happened is following the script of the Whistleblower Movement. The Whistleblower Movement, the New Federal States of China, GNEWS, and GTV have played a role in this war affecting the destiny of mankind and what they have done at critical moments is unparalleled. We are the most important, no one.

2. In Xi Jinping’s recent speech, the military must be prepared for actual combat (most likely to fight Taiwan). Because the means to influence the US election has completely failed, the century-old dream of CCP after Trump’s election has also been shattered. The United States must look for CCP to settle scores. After all, the only thing waiting for CCP is its destruction. At this critical moment, Mr. Miles Guo is back in the mountains again. After entering the mountains last time, he will determine the universe after the election. What changes and major events will happen this time? let us wait and see.

3. At the same time, Biden sought presidential immunity from McConnell, one of the most powerful people in the United States. The Lude Media Bombshell: Biden himself knew clearly that he would lose everything if a court ruled. The hope is that McConnell will vouch for him. If he admits to losing the election, he hopes to get President Trump’s immunity for him and his family, including an amnesty for crimes in the hard drive. But to get the exemption, what do you have to do for Biden? Is it necessary to prove how to cooperate with CCP to operate the US election? This is likely to evolve into the fact that one of the key figures in the presidential election becomes a court witness to testify how the CCP influenced the U.S. election and how it attempts to subvert the U.S. government. In this way, the CCP’s crime of subverting the US power in the International Court of Justice will be confirmed, and the next thing waiting for the CCP is war. What is involved now is not only the presidential battle of the United States, but also the core values of the entire United States and a battle between the world and the CCP that have common interests with the United States.

4. In 2017, since Mr. Guo’s revelations, it was the most violent year for CCP to launch a national cyber attack on the United States. At that time, the control of Mr. Guo’s yacht nearly collided with the ship. As well as various interruptions during the live broadcast of Mr. Guo, these are all part of the CCP’s cyber attack against the US state. Today’s election is CCP’s higher-level attack on US cyber security. Taking these things together, will ultimately result in the elimination of the CCP, and there will be no peace in the United States without the elimination of the root cause of all evil, the CCP. All the appeals started from Mr. Miles Guo’s revelations in 2017, and they have now become the consensus of the U.S. government and people. This is the Whistleblower Movement, using intelligence to save the world, the revolution of salvation!

5. Miles Guo clearly talked about CCP in the live broadcast on November 19:” The reason the hasn’t call Biden to congratulate him was because it doesn’t dare to. It doesn’t want to throw the helve after the hatchet too early, knowing that the western media and the silent power of the swamp will help them win, CCP are very confident about it. (Xi)himself also knows that the Whistleblower Movement will come forward to offset his so-called power of silence. However, it will be different after my live broadcast today. I believe the CCP, zhongnan pit will officially send a congratulatory message to Biden. why? Because CCP know that Biden really can’t win. It also knows that the United States has taken hold of the evidence of their fraud and manipulation. Remember that the software (Dominion) was originated from Founder Technology of Founder Group of Peking University of which himself is the second largest shareholder.”

6. My comrades-in-arms, from this contest between democracy and autocracy, we see the greatness of a democratic and legal country. With such a big incident, the country is not in chaos. In addition, an important message from Mr. Miles Guo’s video is that the root of the Dominion system is Peking University Founder. The United States is only one of the countries that use this system, and it is used in many countries throughout the world from Europe to Venezuela. But what Biden did before was fantasy. He knew that McConnell was the one who could save him. From the day when McConnell and other real power figures came out to express their views, it means that they have known the fact that Biden was going to lose. Everything has been done in accordance with the script written by the Whistleblower Movement. The next situation and the final outcome have been set, and comrades in arms do not have to worry.

7. The current situation shows that Biden knows that he has no hope of cooperating with CCP, so he can only seek self-protection to survive. It proved that Mr. Miles Guo’s words” Following the CCP and walking into the crematorium.” CCP will definitely squeeze the last bit of value out of Biden.  But no one who blends with CCP will end well. The support behind Biden is also accompanied by coercion and temptation. So the best thing for Biden now is to tell everything in court..

8. Pennsylvania lawmakers said they never voted on whether to use the Dominion voting system. All decisions are made by the governor alone. In addition, Attorney Linwood appealed to the 11th Circuit Court regarding the validity of Georgia’s election process and was approved by the Circuit Court for accelerated review. This is cause and effect, is it God to in charge of everything or demons in charge of everything? Is it the form of democracy and the rule of law in the United States, or is it the dictatorship of hooligans and lies that pervade the world?

9. Today Lude Media broke that Pennsylvania legislators and Giuliani went to the White House to have dinner with President Trump. In fact, there are important things that can only be seen in the White House, and evidence must be shown to them in the underground command room of the White House. Pennsylvania is just a model, and other states will follow. In addition, President Trump today pardoned Flynn, a former national security adviser. In the United States, it is easy for you to deceive some people, and it is not difficult for some people to BGY, but if you want to BGY the entire country of the United States, BGY the U.S. system and the American people are absolutely impossible. So now many people have seen the situation clearly. Should they continue to help Biden cover up or turn to help President Trump? will determine their own destiny.  The biggest enemy of the United States, the biggest enemy of the world, and the maker of the coronavirus-CCP, is the core of the core. Biden wants to be pardoned, of course, but it will not be that simple. The ultimate goal is to destroy communism. Look at what the CCP has done to the United States? If American intelligence has the advantage, the United States will not be like it is now. If there is no news about the Whistleblower Movement and the New Federal States of China, the United States is now unimaginable. It is no exaggeration to say that, as far as I personally understand that the Whistleblower Movement is to our 1.4 billion Chinese people, it is definitely more than half of the Chinese who know the Whistleblower Movement. The Whistleblower Movement is a practice, to cultivate one’s body and one’s mind.

In addition, if any of our comrades are familiar with social media software development, please contact me if you have relevant experience and skills.

Alright, dear comrades in arms, I wish you all a happy Thanksgiving, and see you next time!

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