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The general election is about to be set, and the battlefield will turn to looking for the source of the CCP Virus very soon. Here, we call on our comrades to prepare ammunition to help our heroine, Dr. Limeng YAN!

Judging from the recent international situation, Biden’s forces have suffered have been defeated. The political situation in the United States for decades will be changed. Many recent news haveshown that the United States will reject the “One-China Policy”, and the NFSC will take this opportunity to take the first step to be recognized internationally.

The One-China Policy originated from the Shanghai Communique in the “Three Sino-US Joint Communiqués”. During the visit of US President Nixon to China on February 28, 1972, he signed the “Communiqué between the People’s Republic of China and the United States of America” with Zhou Enlai, the Premier of the Chinese Communist Party  in Shanghai. The communique allowed the US to recognize the domineering views of “One China, One Taiwan”, “One China, Two governments”, “Two Chinas”, and “Taiwan Independence”; opposed by the CCP.

For the past 48 years, the United States has abided by the terms of the communiqué and has not recognized any “political groups” related to China other than the CCP.

However, due to the increasing strength of the CCP, its ambition to rule the world has been revealed. In 2017, Mr. Guo Wengui (Miles Guo, Miles Kwok) revealed that China shared BGY and 3F has been planed to weak, mess up and kill the United States. In the past two years, incidents such as “Biden’s hard drive”, “CCP virus”, and “election manipulation”; have continuously verified the authenticity of Mr. Guo Wengui’s intelligence and let the U.S.government realize that the CCP is corrupting and controlling the United States. After the election dust has settled, facing the threat of the CCP is the primary issue, and then what will the new China without CCP do? However, the premise of all this is to deny the One-China policy.

On September 17, 2020, U.S. Undersecretary of State Clark visited Taiwan. He is the current U.S. State Department official who has visited Taiwan at the highest level since the severance ofdiplomatic relations between Taiwan and the United States in 41 years. Subsequently, many high-level officials visited Taiwan, and the frequency of visits increased, unprecedented. In terms of military equipment, the United States signed a number of military sales to Taiwan this year, including the Harpoon coastal defense system, the close range weapon system (CIWS), maritime patrol drone, maritime radar and other equipment to help Taiwan respond to the threats from the Chinese Communist Party.

On November 20, 2020, the head of the Tibetan government-in-exile, Lobsang Sangay, was invited to visit the White House for the first time in the past 60 years. The CCP has been violating human rights in Tibet for decades. Now that Tibet has become one of the disputed areas between the United States and China, this meeting may be a major signal of US support for the Tibetan government in exile.

Refer to Venezuela

January 24, 2019: At the request of Guaido, the US Trump administration provided humanitarian assistance to the interim government of Guaido, and urged the member states of the Organization of American States to recognize Guaido’s interim government as soon as possible, and refeered to the interim Congress as “The only democratic institution”.

February 4, 2019: European countries including France, Spain, Germany, the United Kingdom,Portugal, Sweden, Denmark, Austria and the Netherlands announced the recognition of Guaido’s interim presidential status.

March 1, 2019: The United States imposed sanctions on Maduro and various officials supported by the CCP.

June 28, 2019: The United States freezes the property of Maduro’s son.

Mr. Guo Wengui said in the live broadcast on January 24, 2019: “Venezuela’s democratic and anti-dictatorship movement has great significance and impact on the Chinese people!”. In the live broadcast on May 1, 2019, he also said: “From the Venezuelan revolution, we can get thebest way to protect Taiwan and Hong Kong from the rapid destruction of communism”.

Combining with the signals released by the US government, it can be concluded that therecognition of “Congress in Exile” is a prerequisite for the extermination of communism.

The Lude Media reported on November 22, 2020: “The Chairman of the Legal Fund, Mr. Bill Gertz, suggested that the New China Federation launch the “Congress in Exile” project and also suggested that the NFSC set up a cooperative PR firm in Washington. The “Congress in Exile” is of a national nature and is a legislature of the separation of powers, which proves that Mr.Bill Gertz and the bigwigs behind him recognized the existence of the NFSC. It basically tellseveryone that the time has come, and it is time to engage in Congress.

Why did Mr. Bill Gertz propose this project at this time? Why is the news that the United Statessupports Taiwan and Tibet released? The action to annihilate the CCP will begin soon. After theCCP is gone, who will manage and supervise China? If Taiwan, Tibet, Hong Kong, Xinjiang etc.were to be independent and autonomous, then it is the federal model proposed by Mr. Guo Wengui, the New Federal State of China! The prototype has now emerged.

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Lude Media 2020-11-22

Three Joint Communiques

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