CCP Virus Pandemic -Text- Ep 299-300

1. Pompeo lobbied globally.

“We must ensure that the next century is not the century of the CCP; it is not a century ruled by a totalitarian power, but a century ruled by a regime that believes in the rule of law, orderly and free national sovereignty as its core foundation!”

2. Hong Kong arrested Eddie Chu Hoi-dick and other three former Democrats of the Legislative Council; the reason was that they were suspected of splashing water in the Legislative Council Chamber and Conference Room in June last year to prevent the third reading of the National Anthem Law.

3. The villas in Changping, Beijing were demolished, and a large number of riot police suppressed local residents.

4. The CCP’s pension system is actually a Ponzi scheme. An economic expert on the platform of the Chinese Communist Party hinted: According to the current operating mode, the pension system will collapse.

5. The CCP’s grain data is falsified and it is heavily dependent on imports: The General Office of the State Council issued an opinion recently to “prevent the de-grainization of cultivated land and stabilize grain production.

6. The CCP first released COVID-19 to disrupt the social, economic and political orders of various countries, and now it proposes to provide the vaccine to the world. The coronavirus is a part of the unrestricted warefare initiated by the CCP targeting USA.

7. The U.S. media exposed that the U.S. had formulated a grand strategy in a blue-book to meet the challenge of the Chinese Communist Party, and the media commented it as a New Kennan Telegraph that started the Cold War.

8. (Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Mornings with Maria, 11/17) Today is to argue the legal part of the case, and frankly this is a case that we would like to see, get to the Supreme Court, so we’re prepared in some of these cases to lose, and to appeal, and to get to the Supreme Court.

Shortly we’ll have Wisconsin, and soon Georgia. And then we’ll have three more right after that.       

9. (Steve Bannon, 11/16) On the third week of January, 2017, in Davos at the World Economic Forum is Xi, and he says at the time the only problem we have on the horizon is populism and nationalism (Globalization and free trade).

Two days later Donald J. Trump gives his inaugural address (The great America,  rip the current free trade rules)

That’s the two opposing forces.

10. (11/19) President Trump can win with many possibilities.

Such a big country, manipulated by the CCP, with vote fraud, software manipulation, ballots in the name of dead people, or fake data… Once any one of those is proven true, this U.S. election will be over.

That’s why I dared say, before anyone else in the world, “The 2020 presidential election is a race President Trump runs against Xi Jinping and Wang Qishan.” “

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