“The Great Reset”: Open Letter to Canadian Politicians

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Let us be very clear. You do not have the mandate to lead Canada towards a “Great Reset” as imagined by the United Nations and the World Economic Forum. We know that Canadians would reject these ideas – which are nothing but warmed-over Socialism on steroids – if the concept was honestly and clearly laid out to them. You have failed to mention this in any election platform, thereby replacing the Democratic process by your own ideology. This is cowardly and cynical politics.

Of course, we do not expect you to have the courage to be clear and honest with your electorate, nor do we expect that you give a damn what we, or anybody else, thinks about your dictatorial style of mismanaging Canada. We are, however, confident that most Canadians have sufficient knowledge of the damage that has been wrought in the name of Socialism in the past, and that they will have no interest in seeing Canada drift back to this evil ideology.

Many Canadians have in fact escaped from failed Socialist states and can offer first-hand evidence of how this ideology destroys individual incentive, self-reliance, and always leads to concentration of power with the inescapable consequences – arrogance, corruption, and suffering. Of course, they can only voice this opinion if it is put to them clearly by their politicians. Is this not your role? Or do you believe that you are destined to lead surreptitiously and in veiled secrecy – perhaps by divine right like a King of old?

Socialism and Communism always require a “boogeyman” to scare the population and herd them towards the precipice. For decades proponents have used climate alarmism to accomplish the goal of globalism and Neo-Marxism. Now the COVID-19 (CCP-virus) pandemic is being used as a companion scare tactic to drive this result.

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The citizens of Canada want to return to the life they were forced to abandon at the onset of the pandemic, they do not want the likes of you to reimagine their lives in a Socialist/Marxist mold. Your only goal should be ensuring that the citizens of Canada can return, as quickly as possible (before our economy is permanently impaired), to their previous and normal lives.

Your nod to the Globalist goals represents a 180 degree turn in the social and economic direction of this country. If you believe you have been given the mandate to make this change without putting it to a vote, and under cover of the greatest challenge this country has faced since the Second World War, then you will be forever tarred as the greatest traitors and deceivers in Canadian history.

What an idiotic idea. What a misreading of history. To think that revisiting the failed ideologies of Socialism and Marxism/Communism can be accomplished successfully if only we try again. Each attempt in history has been met with misery and suffering. We are embarrassed to know that our elected officials are acquiescing to these dangerous ideas from the UN and the World Economic Forum. It is nothing more than a clear and cynical attempt to centralize power.

You need to recommit yourselves to the Democratic process – determining and implementing the will of the people – not forcing through your own ideology like a dictator.

Image Source: Actforcanada.ca

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