People Who Want to Take Down the CCP

During the live broadcast on November 15, 2020, Mr. Miles Guo stated that Mike Pompeo, Steve Bannon, Peter Navarro, Tom Cotton, Sidney Powell, and Rudy Giuliani are the people really want to take down the CCP. Mr. Bannon gets nil salary for the War Room and GTV. Mayor Giuliani went to Beijing once and said to Liu Qi that there will be a war between China and America. President Trump has been preparing to taking down the CCP for four years, and he will take down the CCP in the next four years.


Look at Maria from Fox. Do you know how much she makes each year? Five million dollars a year. Do you know about Tucker’s contract? Ten million dollars for the contract, and down payment is five million. The contract was for ten years, one million every year, and money was transferred once the contract was signed. Two to three million every year including other fees. Mr. Steve Bannon has no salary. He earns nil salary for War Room. His contract with GTV is at zero salary. Is there any truth in the world? Yet some people still smear him, saying that his objective is money. A neutral host from CNN has a salary of half a million a year, but the contract is for ten years and five years of salary had to be prepaid. That is the reason Newsmax runs on low budget, their hosts are inexpensive, most are around 100K a year.

Mr. Steve Bannon works for zero salary. He is a guy of faith. He really wants to take down the CCP. Unlike the guy from Europe, I explained to him that he is the kind of person who wants to collude with the CCP. He may want to weaken the CCP. It would benefit him if the CCP gets weaker and he gets stronger. He doesn’t want to take down the CCP. Steve Bannon wants to take down the CCP. Mike Pompeo, Peter Navarro, and Tom Cotton also want to take down the CCP. The attorneys Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani want to take down the CCP for sure.

Mr. Giuliani went to Beijing once, and when Liu Qi met with him that evening, his first question to Mr. Giuliani was, “China and the US have the best relationship at the moment. How could we enhance our relationship? (It was officialese.) How do we increase trade between our two countries?”

Mr. Giuliani said, “We will have a war sooner or later.”

Liu Qi asked, “Why do you say that?”

“Because that’s what you said,” said Mr. Giuliani. “As long as I’m alive, I may have the chance to see the war between China and the US. Economic war and kinetic war are both possible.”

Liu Qi stood up and left immediately. This is what Mr. Giuliani told me. Mr. Giuliani saw the nature of the CCP. He took nothing from them.

President Trump has the determination to take down the CCP. Many people are asking if he has the capability. To be frank, if [President Trump] really wanted to take down the CCP during the past four years, the CCP would have long ceased to exist. He laid the groundwork for taking down CCP during the past four years and will definitely take down the CCP in the next four years. Many members of their families are from communist countries. That is clear, very clear. A lot of people couldn’t see this. You can see from this and tell them apart.

Those who are pro-communism and pro-socialism but are colluding with the CCP in the name of democracy are incarnations of evil. They worship Satan. The people who really want to take down the CCP believe in God, Jesus, or the Buddha and are without doubt anti-Satan. This has nothing to do with political parties. It is about the good and the evil, that much is very clear, isn’t it? In this case, talking about political parties makes no sense.

All we are doing is fighting against evil. We definitely cannot be untruthful or bully the weak. We have to treat everyone with kindness, pursue fairness, respect the rule of law, and have faith. Look at the other side. On the contrary, the CCP exports its dictatorship, monopoly, and deception. They threaten all the people on Earth with cheap goods produced by 1.4 billion slaves and the core weapon of the CCP – the market.

Just like how Song Meiling commented on the UK, “The founding country of democracy, the rule of law, and freedom is now dancing with the devil for a bit money and is selling out its conscience. The UK is over.” The UK was over. It is the same this time, so the Great Britain is over. [The CCP] wants to play that same game again in America. It wants America to kneel down for a few pennies. If the CCP succeeds this time, they could steal it, no matter who is the president.

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