Is Human Nature Good or Evil? – Part 5

Is human nature good or evil?What is the truth anyway?

As a matter of fact, human nature is neither good nor evil; it is beyond good and evil, but also embraces them. Let’s take the sky as an example; human nature is like the sun, which always exists, but why some people cannot see the sun, are they bad guys? No, the reason is that the dark cloud blocks out the sun. In traditional culture, the dark cloud is defined as having no wisdom, lack of understanding, or ignorance. Any improper behavior is due to their ignorance, but they have to suffer the bad consequence of doing wrong; and they also enjoy the happy consequence of doing right. It is the dark cloud that we need to remove and the nature is the sun, not good or evil.

Nature is what you can sanctify, and the realm is beyond good and evil. Since a majority of people are not trained and educated with the Humane Way, the information they receive, including the values they develop, are from various places. But you’d better know that lots of things you heard are wrong, and under these circumstances, people are doing wrong things or even bad things. When you do something wrong or bad to the point of non-attachment, you are doing it out of instinct, that is whatever you do or think is wrong. Doing bad things without attachment is called Evil. Good is trying to do right things. When we learn our ancients’wisdom, we know what is right and what is wrong, because we are informed, we will have a judgment and a choice. At the beginning of doing right things, it is very far-fetched, and we do everything for return; but still keep on pushing or convincing ourselves with reluctance, that is called doing good things. We must be persistent in doing good things, and you will gradually find it is in keeping with nature, with human nature. The more you do, the happier you will be, and your mind will gradually open up until you want nothing for return. When everything comes naturally, doing good things without attachment is called Good. You are like the sun at this point, doing good things completely from bottom of your heart, there is light only, no any darkness. Just like Miles Guo, what he has in mind is the public, his fellow fighters and the well-being of all Chinese people. This is the realm of sages. We start by thinking about ourselves only, which is self-oriented; then we think about our family, our friends, our country, and extend to more and more people, including animals; that’s how it gradually expands, and eventually what we want to restore is like the sun.

To be continued.


Translator: Squirrel

Original opinion article by Himalaya G-farm Vancouver – 2020/11/27

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