Highlights of Lude Media (Night)-Nov 25,2020

Jojo, Toronto Maple Leaf Farm

General Flynn “Pardoned” Means What? Pennsylvania First Hearing Sending What Messages?

• Mr. Lu De drops a bombshell tonight on the show. According to a source from the Whitehouse, President Trump is having dinner with the senators from Pennsylvania.
o Mr. Lu De adds that President Trump is going to show the shocking evidence collected by the Department of Defense Cyber Warfare Program.
o Once President Trump’s legal team wins back Pennsylvania, all the remaining contested battleground states will overturn the election results one by one.

• In his tweet, President Trump announced that his former National Security Advisor, Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, has been granted a Full Pardon.
o All the mainstream media is making it sound like President Trump pardoning a criminal. General Flynn has been framed by the Obama administration, and his case can’t get closes because of those corrupt prosecutors.
o Mr. Lu De and the guests all believe that now General Flynn can get back in the war against the “Swamp Creatures” and work freely for President Trump to protect the rights and freedoms of Americans.

• President Donald Trump phoned into Pennsylvania’s hearing today.
o As President Trump is waging a dominant legal battle with solid evidence, the other side is completely powerless to counter it.

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