The CCP set up rules to suppress the religious activities of HK, Macau, and Taiwan residents in China

Translated by billwilliam; Reviewed by Wencheng

The CCP has ratcheted up its oppression of religious freedom. The CCP’s Religious Affairs Bureau published the “Regulation for Foreigners’ Religious Activities in China,” which for the first time, included Hongkong, Macau and Taiwan residents in the surveillance of religious activities. According to this new regulation, any ethnic Chinese from foreign countries or HK, Macau, or Taiwan residents who have criticized the CCP or is “hostile” cannot give sermons in churches in China. Any violator of the regulation will be punished by the police and State Security agencies. So far, churches in Hongkong said they have stopped visiting mainland China for church activities.

As reported by the Epoch Times, Hu Zhiwei, the director general of the Hongkong Church Renewal Movement, said he was already privy of the news that HK, Macau, and Taiwan residents would be included in the surveillance. Hu believed the CCP only used the amendment to state the restrictions openly. He wasn’t surprised at all. According to Hu, churches in Hongkong have already reduced religious activities in mainland China; HK pastors have withdrawn from the mainland and shifted their activities to Southeast Asia such as Taiwan and Cambodia. Some gospel chapters in mainland China have also halted their activities.

Xing Fuzeng, a theological professor at the Chinese University of Hongkong, said the regulations only provided more details about the surveillance over foreigners’ religious activities in China. Many church staff from HK, Macau, and Taiwan are already aware of these details. Xing said, in the past when a HK pastor plans to visit mainland China for communications, before his trip the pastor is already under the investigation of China’s religious bureaus, which will check all his previous comments. As for what “hostile” means, Xing Fuzeng believes that definition is quite broad, as the CCP can arbitrarily accuse anyone of being hostile.


The CCP is a godless dictatorship that fears any religion will rally up people against the regime. Therefore, the CCP never stops oppression on religious people and dissidents. The scope of its oppression only grows larger.

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