War Room: Pandemic Ep 537&538 summary

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  • Author: Jenny Ball

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania hearing today was an inflection point. It’s game changing no matter how much MSM wanted to dismiss it.

Jack Posobiec, OAN Correspondent: These witnesses were honest credible Americans. Every single one of them was a professional. They’re all locals. They went state by state and this was the first time this has really been done in any of these contested states where they’re not talking about any one specific motion or any one specific lawsuit. What you heard today was the theory of the case. These were people coming forward aggrieved American citizens, not Republicans, not Democrats, but American citizens coming forward and saying: hey we got a problem here and we want our government to listen to them.

Mayor Giuliani said the same things as he has been saying: when you dig into the data, when you dig into these numbers, the math doesn’t work, the math doesn’t make sense. He’s backing it up with witness after witness, Cycle analysis, forensic analysis today.

This is how you get attraction back. This is how you absolutely fight back. You do it through methodical process, laying out your case. I think a lot of people who may have been on the fence just swung back into the President’s camp today.

Liz Preate Havey, Chairwoman of Montgomery Country Republican Party, witness testifying about lack of transparency, about the general election process, also about the illegal curing of ballots in Montgomery county and finally I noted that we found,  188 dead people who voted in 2020.

NYTimes, the Washington Post and MSNBC got the hands over their eyes because they don’t want them to be heard.

Col. Doug Mastriano, Pennsylvania State Senator dedicates his life to service, country’s patriot: this is no game. We have a population willing to cheat and this overthrow republic for the sake of power state everything. My view is I can’t stand aside. My district Gettysburg is a battle place. What we saw just illustrates with overwhelming evidence that there was voter fraud and disenfranchisement across the state here and something needs to be done about it.

Nowhere for me back. We put our lives on the line every better defend our freedoms and fair right. I don’t know why the general media there is standing aside and rushing to judgment.

Justin Kweder, Attorney: What I saw at the convention center since election day, and the other GOP observers who were in that room on election day and the day after the day after the day after, all had the same idea that somebody outside of this hall has to know what’s going on here! What we saw was a very sophisticated illusion for the benefit of people who don’t understand what’s happening, we were made to be props in their illusion.

Bannon: very proud of the fact that audiences, most important powerful audience in all mediums, are the deplorables and also in China, laobaixing.

For the first time the nation heard citizens with great courage up into an exhibition.  The mainstream media and the opponents of President Trump yammer that there’s no evidence. It’s all fake news.

Himalaya Spain’s official Parler account, stay tuned!
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