This Is a Dark and Great Age

Around the 1970s, large-scale demonstrations against the war broke out in the United States, U.S. troops began withdrawal from Vietnam. The United States of the Free World, entered a stage of strategic Contraction Defense against communism militarily. After Stalin’s sudden death, Mao Zedong wanted to compete for the top spot in the communist world, by exporting resources to countries all over the world (mainly France and the Third World countries) to infiltrate, and thereby instigate revolution. This brought countless scourges to Chinese inside and outside the country (Foreign aid and export of food and materials led to the tens of millions of domestic people died from hunger; Instigating the Chinese Indonesians to start a socialist revolution led to the massacre of ethnic Chinese in Indonesia).After the Viet Communist Party seized power in Vietnam and then swung to the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU) entirely, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) was at a disadvantage in the battle for the socialist hilltop. Under such an international situation, the American elite ruling class, represented by Kissinger, began to seek a new international balance and working with the CCP against the CPSU together.

In 1963, after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the American elite class and deep state began to directly interfere in the U.S. politics; In 1972, Dr. Henry Kissinger started a secret trip to China to break the ice in China-US relations, the U.S. left-wing elite and the CCP begin tentative contact; In 1972, President Nixon arrived in China for the first official trip, and the elite’s direct intervention in the U.S. election led to Watergate scandal; In 1974, Nixon resigned, the American elite received the first counterattack from justice and public opinion; In 1976, the CCP invited Nixon, who had resigned, to visit China again, and express the direct support for the elite class that had sabotaged the election. The CCP, the elite ruling class represented by Kissinger and the deep state began to take advantage and collude with each other, and infiltrate and influence the U.S.  In 1979, the U.S and China established full diplomatic relations, and the CCP began to influence American politics by Blue-Gold-Yellow program in the area of politics, business, technology, and show business directly.

Because of a temporary loss of power and influence, the American elites abandoned their beliefs and morals, and chose to collaborate with the CCP. They thought they were strong enough to control the situation, but they never imagined that the devil CCP would do everything by any means to cross the bottom line. They have parasitized on all aspects of the American elites, they are everywhere, on all sides, and have stake of each other’s future. They can only become survival as a flesh-and-blood puppet and interdependent with the communist demons.

One month before the election, Mr. Guo Wengui warned the US people and the world in a press conference that the CCP would fully interfere with the U.S. election, and the results of the election would be “comical”.  His intelligence-based prediction was being verified by the current chaos one by one, just like the truth that had been shown to us in the past.

As we have seen in the 2020 U.S. elections, the CCP and U.S. “Blue-Gold-Yellow” evil forces have gained a foothold in the U.S. at all levels, especially among the elites. They have used illegal means to influence U.S. politics since long time ago. In this election, they are almost crazy and using all kinds of low and dirty tricks to illegally undermine U.S. electoral politics and usurp the presidency of the United States to extend their live. The evil families and dark forces of the world, which have made a pact with the demons of the CCP, do not care about their own people and will do whatever is good for their own interests. Under such circumstances, only the “populism” established by Mr. Bannon, a fellow fighter of the Whistleblower Movement, can put the world’s values back on track. So, until the inauguration of the President of the United States on January 20 of next year, even until the destruction of the CCP, fellow fighters will need to keep fighting.

Chinese people’s homeland has been occupied by the evil demons of the CCP for more than 70 years. The old country no longer exists, the real home no longer exists, here is just a shelter for us to linger on with our last breath of life. Nowadays in the Chinese territory, are there any people with faith, courage and uprightness who are not sad? China has no future, and we have no way out.  Today, only if fellow fighters of the New Federal State of China embark on the road to overthrow the CCP, can there be a future of freedom of belief, democracy and rule of law for this nation.

In this U.S. election, the most absurd thing that made me surprised and lowered my bottom line is how Tsai Ing-wen and the Dalai Lama are blind to the election fraud, and can hardly wait to congratulate Joe Biden with left side media on his “Victory”.  Tsai Ing-wen’s ingratitude to President Trump and the Dalai Lama’s ignorance of the truth, abandoned humanity and faith in front of the politics and interests. There were many people, even President Trump himself, who thought that Mr. Guo and the Whistleblower Movement were taking advantage of them to overthrow the CCP, but in fact, the past three years have proven that we are helping them to overthrow the CCP for the future of all the human beings. The most important thing for all the human beings right now is to destroy the communism and reshape the faith and values. Doing big things is either a great achievement or failure, and there is no middle way. Fellow fighters of Whistleblower Movement stick to the truth, kindness and fortitude, and will not bet on both sides, and will not stop until the CCP is destroyed. 

At an era of faith and truth dying away, the words spread by us who are resolute guardians of the way of justice will burn out all the falsehood and evil in the world, and sow seeds of hope, like the single spark of fire starting a prairie fire. We don’t need to be like the 36 CIA righteous agents in China mentioned by Mr. Lude: use my blood to express my deep love for the nation.   What we only need to do is to spread the truth, donate to the Rule of Law Foundation, invest in the G Series, deplete the foreign exchange reserves of CCP, and demonstrate in support of President Trump and against the CCP. 

It is our privilege to be born in this era, so do not fail to live up to the historical mission entrusted by God. This battle is a battle for our children who have been abused by the CCP and the dark forces abroad, a battle for the hundred-year pursuit of democracy and freedom of the Chinese nation, and a battle for the thousand-year destiny of the Chinese nation. We should no longer be held hostage by the forces of dictatorship and evil, we need to reclaim the glory and freedom that we were born with; this battle is also a battle to drain the swamp of the United States. America is the lighthouse for all human beings now, so we are also fighting for the freedom and all human beings. This is a battle we can only win, we will do our best to crush the enemy in front of us, just like bear down them with Mountain Taishan, and bulldoze the dark swamp on the path of justice.


Translator: ColorfulHaze(七彩霞)

Proofreaders: jiasen

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