People of the New Federal States of China, how far are we from “procedural justice”?

Translated by Connecticut Farm-KY

Edited by Connecticut Farm- Clio

Proofreading and revised by Mike Li

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The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is the greatest collection of evils. It can madly create all chaotic and perverted things, but it has no moral burden. Human society has built up its moral values and bottom line with great difficulty since the era of bloodshed and military confrontation, but it has to use its own bottom-less behavior to destroy everything that is hard to come by human civilization. Under the rule of the Chinese Communist Party, people return to the primitive state of evil, treating each other without a bottom line. People are only seeking for benefit, there is no love, no trust, only betrayal.

Freedom is fraught with difficulties, and democracy is not perfect. The CCP exploits the loopholes of democracy and the rule of law to release “evil” without a bottom line, while the shadow government uses the mainstream media as a mouthpiece to cope with the CCP. They are high-sounding, full of benevolence and morality. On the surface, using of legitimate democratic procedural justice, but it is actually like a Trojan horse in the United States and even other countries in the world, responding to the CCP, and amplifying, prolonging and aggravating the crisis of democracy and rule of law.

However, both the CCP and the Deep State have far underestimated the heartfelt, sincerity, and devotion of the Justice League for human civilization. The patriots of China (Whistleblower Movement) and the United States (President Trump and the military) are bravely fighting on their own respective fronts. The strategy of China’s Whistleblower Movement initiated by Mr.Miles Guo is very clear from the beginning: exterminating the communism with the law, exterminating the communism with the United States, and exterminating the communism with the communists. Whistleblower Movement’s control of intelligence can provide the United States with effective evidence to exterminate the Communist Party at a critical moment; and with the help of the United States’ mature and complete legal system is a key means to legally exterminate the Chinese Communist Party, a transnational criminal group.

1. Exterminating the communists with the law, that is, “procedural justice”

In 2017, Mr. Miles Guo held a press conference to warn the world: “The CCP intends to destroy the United States and the free world with the “BGY Plan” and “3F Plan”, and a series of live broadcasts that revealed the actual controller behind HNA’s wealth; From the enlighten the minds in 2017, the international battlefield in 2018, the targeted blasting in 2019, and the explosion of the “ultimate battle” between Biden and the Chinese Communist Party for many years of money trading… In the past four years, the free world has never cared about it. After repeated verifications, we can discover that all the contents of the revolution have come true: From the release of the Justice Department documents in which Broidy pleaded guilty, to the release of the Stanford report which confirmed that Mr. Miles Guo was the victim of the largest cyber attack of all time,  to the fact that Biden was exposed to countless blending with the Chinese Communist Party in the recent election fraud case. It has been proven time and time again that accurate information and intelligence sent to the West by Whistleblower Movement is vital to the free world that needs to be reawakened.

“Whistleblower Movement must grasp the timing, accuracy, and strategic use of intelligence. There is one thing in the world has in common, depending on whether you can “use things”. Evidence and intelligence are not used casually. They must be brought out at the right time. It is too early and no one believes it; it is too late, no foresight, and it does not in line with our strategic goal: “Whistleblower”. At the same time, their use and verification coordinated with the U.S. judicial process can have the opportunity to be made public and convincing. The combination of the two will eventually allow the CCP to fall in a controlled manner without causing a huge humanitarian crisis, and then free the people of China and the United States from the control of evil forces and usher in a beautiful millennium of peace.

Knowing that the CCP’s position is not legitimacy of the regime, it has continued to suppress dissidents for 70 years. ” luring the snake out of its hole” is their fishing strategy for people with a conscience in China. For example, in the 1950s, “A hundred flowers blossom and a hundred schools of thought contend”. On the surface, it encouraged the literary and art circles to speak freely, but in reality, it is to test the dissatisfaction of the literary and art circles, found out the “political incorrectness” in the works, and fought against dissidents (People became the rightists who were devastated during the Cultural Revolution) and formed absolute authority. The so-called “politically incorrect” is actually the “justice of consequence” skillfully manipulated by the CCP.

The inadvertent joint operation and coordination of the Whistleblower Movement and the American patriots is also a trick to ” luring the snake out of its hole.” Of course, everything is carried out by legal procedures, upholding the principle of “procedural justice”: We know that the hypocrite will contact their superiors for help in the face of protests by comrades-in-arms. We know the source of Hunter Biden’s money. We know that the Biden team will collude with the CCP to fake votes… Therefore, the FISA court will monitor their movements, and the RICO bill can follow the vine. The U.S. military has used high technology to locate every single vote, and even in 2018 the U.S. has issued documents to deal with election fraud. It is the answer to the phrase ” give somebody a dose of his own medicine.”

What goes around comes around.

2. Adhere to “rightism” is the “procedural justice” of the communication process

It is always surprisingly calm before the storm. In the last moments before the fall of the CCP, comrades-in-arms also should accelerate their paces and appeal to relatives and friends inside the firewall to protect their lives and wealth. But as Mr. Miles Guo said: “While the economy and financial collapse, what we worry most is the serious brainwashed compatriots inside the firewall. We want to save them. Whether they ate the grassroots of the civilians or the 92 million party members, they are working hard every day to make ends meet. Tired and running, no savings, not enough money, too busy to know what to do, no time and thought to think about any truth or even my own business.”

Even the compatriots who perceive the signal of change a little bit, they don’t understand that the earth is turned upside down outside the firewall, and they don’t understand every evidence that surfaced and every judicial document was promulgated in the process of breaking the news of the revolution “elimination of communism by law.” In fact, they all round up the CCP. The uncertainty and anxiety about the future and the inertia of “result justice” make them eager to know the result in their communication.

The Chinese have experienced 70 years of being fooled and killed by the CCP, who only speaks beautiful words. Noble goals alone are not enough to follow the CCP. The emergence of the Whistleblower Movement led by Mr. Miles Guo not only allows us to have a vision of “freedom, democracy and the rule of law,” and the G-series financial ecosystem of “legal money safe”, but also gives us a “righteous” belief, which is to guarantee means Clean and procedural justice. The New Federal States of China will be the first in Chinese history to use legal means to end the former dictatorship and open the transitional government’s legal supervision agency, without the hatred and disorder that inevitably accompany the dynasty changes in the past. Similarly, we should thank the founding fathers of the United States for building a clean and mature legal system for the moral and religious people all over the world.

But don’t forget, the last step in exterminating communism is ” exterminating the communism with the communists.” Just as Giuliani of Italian origin punished the Italian mafia personally, the CCP will also end in the hands of party members and the majority of the Chinese people. To spread the truth to the bottom and awaken more compatriots, each of us is very important, and it is the last straw that crushes the CCP. “Hoarding food is temporary. Hoarding “wisdom ,confidence and following the Whistleblower Movement is the only way to be able to eat, live, and have a future.” In addition to simply appealing to relatives and friends to exchange food and U.S. dollars, spreading more truth, unlocking the wisdom of the people, and expanding the number of domestic comrades in arms is the need of the hour.

Indeed, due to the existence of the firewall, the truth has been deceived, and the asymmetric information between relatives, friends and us has become the biggest obstacle in the spreading process. Many comrades-in-arms have been frustrated repeatedly, have disagreements or even break-ups with those around them, and then become frustrated and give up spreading to relatives and friends in China. But as Mr. Miles Guo often said among his comrades in arms: “do not abandon, do not give up, do not forget. Then treat potential comrades in arms, those unawakened compatriots, we should also adopt the same attitude. The author summarized two key points:

In the present moment, patience is used to sensitize, truth is used to validate, and action is used to set an example. True “righteousness” of faith must be spread with grace, not simple and crude accusations, curses, and intimidation, but direct touching the heart, caring about people’s souls and personality, respecting people’s basic human rights and needs, and using truth touching people’s hearts with evidence. It should be realized that we have followed with Mr. Miles Guo ‘s broadcast live for more than three years, and the perception of the people we met for the first time is completely different, but this is not a reason to abandon them. So if you are angry at what they say to you, the first thing you are sorry for is your persistence over the past three years. We stick to the bottom line in order not to disappoint those who also stick to the bottom line. ” Be a decent person, live a decent life, a real, dignified, and happy life. If you want to achieve this, you must remember to love your comrades, treat them sincerely, and treat them with tolerance.”

In the future, use wealth and security to attract. Money is the most realistic, and so are people. Without the Communist Party, China will have a new look and lead the world’s fashion trends. It will naturally make Chinese compatriots who have been brainwashed for a long time look different and let them choose whether they should follow us and live a life of wealth, freedom, safety and cleanliness. ” What kind of leadership will the G series produce in the world? With all-round development, its significance, influence, unquestionable execution power, and influence on the world economy, culture, and media. Himalayan farms around the world are united… The world is open to the Chinese and China is open to the world. This is the ultimate goal of the New Federal States of China. Unite the vast majority of people, safeguard the interests and image of overseas Chinese, and establish a New Federal States of China of unconquerable financial strength and power, comprehensively covering the economic, cultural, media, and influence power of the New Federal States of China worldwide. It is to determine whether our New Federal States of China has the ability to oversee the birth of a new Chinese authority without the Communist Party. “

Morality is formed after faith, and democracy is built on morality. ”  Hoping the true people of the New Federal States of China will be able to be self-reflective, self-aware, and reach the final state of self-enlightenment. Pursuing the core of justice-selflessness and altruism.” Putting our beliefs into practice, forming our own moral constraints, and inspire compatriots who have not yet awakened, and eventually we will be able to align ourselves with the advanced civilization of the rule of law and create a more ethical nation of Faith。

“Why does the law pursue fairness and justice? Because justice exists objectively, it constantly stirs our heartstrings, making us yearn for it even though we cannot reach it. This is called justice.”

——Luo Xiang

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