The crowning point

By Jin Wang Illustration: Jin Wang Himalaya – San Francisco – Jinxi

Each and every second you reach
Is in itself a summit
As you overcome each peak
A culmination from start to end

Breathe it in
Relish the view of the moment
This reflective pause for utter release and relief
The everlasting freedom we each perpetually seek

Awe is ultimately the Source
That sows this
And it is you
Who abundantly grows and harvests it
From the deep-rooted peace
Of your Almighty mind
From you stems the spread of the immense
Unending dream that you pray
You will one day find

Open the great Golden Gates
Of your unearthly transcendent eyes
And gaze down upon Life
Of our bountiful kingdom
From the sheer and glorious heights
That is only ever this moment’s eternal Truth
Where Love and Light unite❤️

The Crowning Point

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