Explosive from Lude Media: Joe Biden knows failure to come and turned to Mitch McConnell for protection

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November 25th, 2020 8:00AM Western Time

According to Lude Media’s live broadcast tonight, Joe Biden knew it was difficult for him to oppose legal sanctions. He surrendered to Mitch McConnell to protect himself on the condition that President Trump would pardon him for all crimes, including Hunter Biden’s Hard Drive incident.

Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China, knows what to come. He called Biden on 25th to show his desperate support to Biden as the next president of the US.  Xi’s so-called ultimate battle is only to bet all on the old Biden.  Through the U.S. election, key powers of the United States and interest groups have clearly understood the ultimate goal of CCP, that is to control and manipulate the United States.  They have completely abandoned Biden and fully supported President Trump. With helps from the Whistleblower Movement, American public opinion has also completely turned!

Jiang and Zeng jumped off the boat. The fight within the CCP has reached its extreme and is about to enter the final madness. The swamp of the United States has always been the most powerful foundation of the Chinese Communist regime. Why did the unanimous Hong Kong bill fail to strike the CCP heavily by sanction? One of the swamp forces, the White House Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows, was behind this.

The result of the US election is a key milestone in the process of taking down the CCP! Mr. Guo mentioned that the 25th is a watershed some time ago. Today, the situation is clear. Mr. Guo’s Getter today released good news of Hong Kong. It shows once again that the United States has awakened and will completely sanction the CCP!

The extermination of the Communist Party has finally entered the final critical period! Biden’s surrender means the complete failure of the American swamp! Hong Kong is just the beginning, and the US’ holding the CCP accountable for manipulating the election and releasing biochemical weapons will make the CCP irresistible. American law and politics will be reshaped, and justice will prevail!

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Can I get more info on verification of this conversation between Joe Biden and Mitch? I’ve been following your articles along with several others for a while now and been trying to get them to more Americans to see to keep up the hope many people need?