CCP Virus Pandemic -Text-Ep297-298

  1. The Million MAGA March was held in Washington DC to support President Trump; while the Antifa, the CCP supported far-left rioters, attacked the peaceful protestors.

2. In a speech at the Reagan Institute, Pompeo said that the battle between the US and the CCP is a battle between freedom and totalitarianism, that the US will help the Chinese people overthrow the firewall, and that the Chinese people, like the people of the Soviet Union, will overthrow the CCP.

3. Canada’s ambassador to UN condemned the CCP’s persecution of Uyghurs in Xinjiang. Canada’s parliament has labelled the CCP’s abuses in Xinjiang “Genocide”.

4. The CCP’s central bank re-mortgaged 800 billion RMB (~123 billion US dollars) of medium-term debt, releasing 200 billion RMB (~31 billion US dollars) in circulation.

5. On top of the 46 ports of entry-and-exits and 66 border crossings that have been closed, the CPC discourages and restricts residents from traveling, visiting relatives and friends to enter and leave the country on the grounds of CCP virus epidemic prevention and control.

6. The CCP claimed that they detected CCP virus on beef imported from New Zealand. New Zealand Prime Minister Ardern defended there was no coronavirus when the beef was exported; no official notice from the CCP was received, and asked for further clarification.

7. Carrie Lam requested the CCP to disqualify four pro-democracy legislators referencing the Basic Law. Subsequently, all 19 pro-democracy legislators announced their collective resignation in strong protest, criticizing Beijing for officially declaring the death of “one country, two systems. This was the first time in Hong Kong’s parliamentary history that an opposition member resigned en masse.

8. (Constitutional law attorney Jenna Ellis, Mornings with Maria, 11/16)

Overall strategy is focused on two things. First is this Dominion software,for the 6,000 votes in Michigan that we can prove. We know that these votes were switched intentionally, at least in Michigan. Secondly we’re focusing on are the watchers, when they’re not allowed access as Republicans. Those votes have to be invalidated.

9. (Raheem Kassam, 11/16) During daylight the March was completely peaceful, then in dusk black clad Antifa, BLM types starting to harass and target young people, families, children and the old. The lead story on the National Pulse at the moment is the fact that we still have not seen condemnations, no condemnations from Biden,Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, or any ranking Democrats.

10. (11/14)  This (the national emergency in accordance to the National Emergencies Act) implied two core missions or objectives. First, decoupling from the CCP and economic warfare. Secondly, the preparation behind all economic warfare is the beginning of a modern cyberwar, in which the core of the business is targeted at these online enterprises.

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