War Room: Pandemic Ep 536 summary

  • Editor: Ranting
  • Author: Jenny Ball

President Reagan: You’re one generation away from losing it (freedom).

Jack Maxey: We’ve never had a global shut down in history, “Experts” are making this stuff up as we go along. 

As for herd immunity, we see this nonsense. The President should be able to walk around without fear. He should be walking tall with a big stick in his hand and telling people what to do, not be the coward to the fear.

Nobody showed the studies were locking down countries has been tried in the past and what the outcomes were. Why not use the universal therapy which is Azithromycin and hydroxychloroquine? That is what Africa has a lower death rate. The only virus problem in NYC is under the control of governor Cuomur.

The NYC should be thoroughly embarrassed because they ran a front page article in April on cure in Ecuador from 500 deaths a day to almost 0 in one month using hydroxy because they had no choice then and they have no problem now.  

Bannon: There’s couple doctor lawyers in Germany gonna sue the banks about these shutdowns. Because it’s quite tough to sue the government, but he wanted to get standing on suing a corporation. The deplorables actually understand if it makes sense and logic  about safety and community safety. But what they don’t want is just the stuff as shutdown as means to control people.

The same crowd that talked President Trump out of hydroxychloroquine EUA are today saying he can’t go to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania today.

Expect more multi-trillion $ economic stimulus bills. The Left is now priming you for the House of Commons vs House of Lords effect of the vaccine — those who take it will be allowed privileges not afforded to those who do not take it.

New York City mayoral race is going to be one to watch it. In New York City right now is like a zombie movie. It’s an absolute disgrace what’s happened to the great city in the world.

Fox News was against President Trump from the beginning, that’s the point we’re trying to make. There are two things you have, the business side and politics. There are people here that have strong ideological beliefs, but just remember it’s an industry, just like Hollywood, just like Wall Street, just like silicon valley, it’s a business with its own norms, its own internal logic, its own economic structure, all of that. And then you have expectations.

Got to understand it just one of the realities. This is why the audience matters everything, the reason people are not bending, they understand MAGA,  want to throw down and will throw down.

Number One priority is to get to the bottom of the steal. Wisconsin and Georgia are low-hanging fruit that could flip, be uncertifiable.

Jack’s Thanksgiving prayer: We are giving thanks for being born in the greatest country in the history of mankind. And we’re gonna give thanks also for those people who came before us, who carried the weight on their shoulders that they gave us something that we can enjoy today, so I hope that everybody is with good cheer, I hope that everybody has a strong faith and do not for a moment think that the crisis that we are engaged in today is the end. It is not, it is the beginning, like every turning, something good comes out the other side.

The last great awakening, we ended slavery!

With this one, we’re going to end the Communist Chinese Party of China and the domination of the global leaders meddling in our lives every single day and re-assert our rights as Americans. God bless all of you.

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