War Room: Pandemic Ep 534 summary

  • Editor: Ranting
  • Author: Jenny Ball

Dr. Steven Hatfill, Biological Weapons Expert and one of the world’s leading experts: When your stove catches fire, you pour water on it before the fire burned the entire house down. For COVID-19, hydroxychloroquine is that pail of water.

He wrote a book called Three Seconds to Midnight, which is about the next pandemic. It explains to audience what’s happening and he’s been a huge help to the country.

Dr. Hatfill explained how India, Ecuador and Africa has been able to maintain very low death rate or infection cases while the living condition is not possible to keep the social distance, such as one of the largest slums in Mumbai. It was hydroxychloroquine that played the key role. 47 countries are using them for CCP virus prevention and treatment.

HCQ remains the standard care treatment in all most of Africa. Africa’s low death rate, but nobody seems to have been able to make the connection between their excessive use of hydroxy chloride on a competitive basis and the number. The corrupt of the scientific world, especially 2 person are responsible for suppress HCQ.

Indian learned from the plague outbreak in the 1990s as they had one of the highest death rates in the world. The general practitioners worked with the community leaders and they did an aggressive community outreach.

Ecuador bodies laying in the streets and literally five hundred deaths a day at the height. There was no way to have an effective lock-down. The town church fathers, got together and they got a zip package of hydroxy chloride for every citizen in the city,  passed it out to every clinic, every pharmacy, somebody comes in with a cough, handed the package. They took that death rate down to nearly zero in one month.

But nobody talks about it from scientific world.

Brazil health system was collapsing totally at its peak of CCP virus and the Brazilian prime minister moved in with hydroxychloroquine and they brought this under control.

Boris: We’re dropping a major lawsuit in Arizona, focused particularly on Maricopa County.

In Georgia, we’re ensuring signature matching.

In Pennsylvania, we’re pushing to file a second complaining, while Rudy  is laying out fraud in Gettysburg. 

Also doubling down on efforts in Michigan.

We’re expanding the battlefield.

Joe Biden had 10 people in circles at his rallies, while President Trump had tens of thousands.

Democrats have been perpetrating fraud in elections for decades, but for the first time, GOP is standing up. Lifelong loser Paul Ryan, supposed to be GOP rising star, got absolutely destroyed by Joe Biden in 2012 election.

Bannon: The steal is in your face, but the grift of announced Joe Biden administration is even worse. Tony Blinken is going from clerk to head clerk. The “West Exec” consultants now being named to Joe Biden’s Admin monetized access to the White House. It means they are not just selling access of America, they’re broadcasting access! Advertise their biggest businesses getting market access for American companies in China.

Himalaya Spain’s official Parler account, stay tuned!
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