Key Days of U.S. Election: 8th December & 5th January

Author: Yi Zu
Translator : Lish

Due to the interference of the Chinese Communist Party, the 2020 U.S. election was a dramatic event with a flood of fake votes, which, as Mr. Trump’s presidential campaign called, it was a coup. So how long will this 、process last? When will there be an exact election result? In a recent live broadcast, Mr. Guo mentioned two dates: December 8th and January 5th next year, these two days will be the key for the progress of the election.

It is well known that the deadline for voting in this presidential election is November 3rd. Generally speaking, states have five weeks to figure out which candidate won the local election, known as the “safe harbour” deadline, which is December 8th.

Because of the unique voting system of the United States, presidential elections are determined not by general votes, but by the results of the electoral votes. There are 538 electoral votes in the United States, each of which matches the number of U.S. senators and delegates the state has in Congress. In most states, the law requires voters to vote for a presidential candidate who obtains the largest number of popular votes in the state. In some states, although the law does not specify, generally follow this requirement.

According to serious vote frauds and chaos in Nevada, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin and Michigan, it is pretty sure that some of the Georgia, Wisconsin and Michigan, it is pretty sure that some of the states cannot determine a winner on December 8th. Especially in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin which running by Democrats and Republicans hold a majority in the state legislature. Because of the huge controversy of the election, senators could theoretically submit the result of their legitimate candidate to Congress, which had happened in 1876. Therefore, if the states are still unable to decide their electoral votes on December 8th, Congress will be required to determine, and the state’s electoral votes will not be counted in the final count. This presidential election will move into another battle in congress.

On December 14, candidates who have outstanding results of their state’s vote will meet in their respective states to cast their ballots. The result will be formally submitted in a text to the relevant electoral authorities by December 23, before the United States enters the Christmas and New Year holidays. After the holidays, Congress will count and confirm all electoral votes by January 6, usually as a routine procedure.

Now, the Trump campaign has launched several lawsuits in several states that could be ruled by the U.S. Supreme Court by the end of December. The Trump campaign already in possession of evidence of a large number of Joe Biden vote frauds, it is believed that President Trump will win a landslide victory in the end. However, the Biden campaign, or the CCP, will certainly not surrender without a fight, and they will continue to fight in Congress through all sorts of corruption, media and Deep State’s power.

Under the rules, if there is still no presidential candidate to win a majority after January 5, 2021, Congress will decide the outcome of the election through a “contingent election” in which the House of Representatives will elect the president. In the House of Representatives, each state delegation has one vote. There are 50 states in the United States, plus the District of Columbia, will eventually get 26 votes from 51 states to become the new president of the United States.

There is also a very extreme situation would happen in which the House of Representatives has a dispute over the choice of president. Suppose the House of Representatives still can’t resolve the issue by Inauguration Day on January 20. In that case, the Senate will confirm the vice president and the vice president elected by the Senate will become the president.

The U.S. Constitution requires a new presidential term to begin on January 20, 2021. In any case, the 2020 U.S. presidential election is destined to be an election in U.S. history that has changed the fate of humanity around the world.

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