America is paving legal grounds to end the CCP

An article titled “Sidney Powell is registered as a MILITARY LAWYER and is the only one who can prosecute TREASON at a TRIBUNAL!” was published in The Marshal Report on November 23.

Sidney Powell warned that the Republican Party will be “neutered like a bitch” if President Trump’s second term is stolen, and she also called for elite Republicans to stand up against the fake news media and for true patriots to speak out.

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She revealed that as soon as Trump starts his second term, a series of unprecedented punishment will be coming towards the men of guilt. This operation will begin from inside the Republican Party.

Georgia’s Republican Governor Brian Kemp and the Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger might be the first two convictions, as abundant evidence shows that they both took money from the Communist China to help Joe Biden in “winning’” the November 3rd Election.

She also made it very clear in the report that it was Communist China who tried to steal not only this US Election, but the freedom of America. These will justify that Communist China has started a war against America.

Why is Powell the best person to lead this fight?

In the conviction of treason, there are usually two types of cases: non-military treason and military treason.

Non-military cases are usually handled by general federal courts while military cases typically involve trying members of enemy forces during wartime, where the jurisdiction must be carried out outside the scope of civil proceedings. Military tribunals will serve as a safety mechanism when the US Constitution is being challenged.

Sidney Powell is experienced as both a criminal prosecutor and a defense lawyer. In addition, she was a DOJ Federal Attorney with over 500 Supreme Court Cases in her resume. America is blessed to have Powell leading the legal battle to convict those who orchestrated the unprecedented level of voter frauds in the 2020 Election.

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On November 23, Mr. Lude in his live broadcast mentioned that the reason Sidney Powell is registered as a Military Lawyer is because there are military personnel involved in these coming convictions. Given her solid background in legal practice at the federal level, Sidney Powell becomes the only lawyer who is qualified to prosecute TREASON at a Tribunal.

It is extremely difficult to convict a person of treason due to its strict definition and high evidentiary requirements. Over the course of American history, only a handful person who had been convicted of treason.

The Justice League in America is clearly serious in this legal war against the evil forces within and beyond the American border, as all the legal grounds are now set up ready to face any challenges.

Taking down the CCP is a major piece of Draining the Swamp

The CCP has carried out the Unrestricted Warfare against America for many decades. To aid the plan, the CCP’s tentacles have penetrated into most, if not all, of the possible nook of the American system.

The 2020 Election is a direct result of this Unrestricted Warfare, and one single combat may not be enough to bring it to justice. This is why Mr. Rudy Giuliani, personal attorney to President Trump, is working on full throttle in the constitutional battlefield, independent from Sidney Powell’s focus, in order to restore the actual vote counts in various swing states.

Mr. Lude exposed that there were top level US officials who colluded with top leaders of the Communist China, and there will be witnesses from the core of the CCP [Chinese Communist Party] who will come to America to testify for it. This is not only a crucial step in taking down the CCP, but also in eliminating those traitors from the deepest level of the swamp within America.

There is now mounting evidence that the CCP colluded with top Democratic leaders and manipulated this election. It will be naïve for anyone to believe that the swamp in America can be drained when the CCP continues to inject its money into this corrupt system.

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It is crucial to awaken the masses in the US

Mr Lude explained why it is a tricky business to play the Treason card. If it is not handled properly, Trump’s political opponents can counterclaim that they are being prosecuted not because of their wrongdoings but of Trump’s political power with him being the president, and in doing so, they will regain the advantageous position in this war.

During Mr. Lude’s discussion about the FISC [Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court], he emphasized the importance of public opinion before any action can be taken.

Public opinion is essential in any conviction of treason. Without it, it will be extremely difficult for the judge of FISC to proceed with the conviction. Even if a conviction is declared, it will be almost impossible to carry out the sentence if the public does not agree to it.

The CCP is deeply aware of how media influences the public opinion. This is why it has been actively working to manipulate the US media for many decades. Through exploiting the diligent Chinese people and colluding with the ‘deep state’, the CCP has corroded most of the mainstream media. What’s worse, the ideology of communism has been systematically implanted into the Americans’ minds.

Therefore, to awaken the masses matters not only to gain victory in this legal battle but, more importantly, to restore the founding principle of America.

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It is Trump vs Communist China, not Trump vs Biden

America has boosted its legal preparation in full to face up against the threats of Communist China. As more Americans wake up to the truth, there will be not many moves left for Communist China to make in this game.

On surface, this battle is between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. In reality, Joe Biden is merely a puppet of his master, which is the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to whom Biden has sold out American interest for decades. Recent leaked emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop revealed shocking details of his money laundering and corruption with the Chinese (source: 1, 2).

Based on current evidence uncovered by Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani, Donald Trump won the election in a landslide and will be the President of the United States for another four years. After he is sworn in for his second term, we will be seeing an awakened American force with its incomparable power to crumble the CCP into dust within no time.

CCP, you are done, literally!

Author: rosabona

Editor: XO酱

Disclaimer: This article only represents the author’s view. Gnews is not responsible for any legal risks.

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