Hillary Beats Sanders Using Dominion in 2016’s Primary!

When interviewed by Newsmax TV on November 22, 2020, Attorney Sidney Powell broke the news that Hillary Clinton beat Bernie Sanders in Democratic’s 2016 primary by using Dominion.

Powell: Are we supposed to think they didn’t use the features? Heck no, they used them, and they used them against their own candidates. The democrats used them against Bernie Sanders in 2016. And somebody even told him what had been done to him when Hillary Clinton won that primary, and he didn’t, and instead of standing up for the American people on the right to vote, he sold out.

Reporter: You’re saying dominion that the Dominion, that Smartmatic Dominion system was used in 2016 when Hillary beat Bernie in the primary?

Powell: Yes.

Reporter: Wow, I don’t think we had heard that yet, that’s… that’s… that’s an incredible development right there. And you say he knows that, Bernie Sanders knows that.

Powell: Yes, the person who sent me the data told me that they informed Bernie Sanders of all their findings, and he didn’t do anything except get enough money money to buy another fabulous house.

Reporter: Wow!

Powell: I’m telling you it’s been used for both parties. One of the big problems is that we don’t know who was elected by buying their election through Dominion.

Source: https://youtu.be/Y68pEknYyCM?t=1058

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