How Did Wang Xuan and Founder Group Steal the Core Technology of the Kanji System from Japan and Manipulate the World!

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Mr. Guo and Mr. Lude both reveled on 21 November 2020: How exactly Wang Xuan and his Founder Group stole the core technology of the Kanji system from Japan to manipulate the world. LUDE Media’s evening program revealed Guo’s ties to Founder Group and Japan, and how the Communist Party is manipulating the world through the Founder Group’s system of the Chinese characters. On the same day, Mr. Miles Guo, on his GTV’s Living broadcast, also mentioned that how Wang Xuan from the Founder Group was sent to Japan by the Communist Party and stole Japan’s advanced technology with the whole nation’s power. Mr. Guo also revealed for the first time on his November 19 GTV livecast that the Founder Group is the ancestor of the Dominion system. Once Americans discover the secrets of the Dominion system, they will definitely wage an ultimate war with the Chinese Communist Party.

1: Background of “Project 748″[1]

In the 1960s and 1970s, with the breakthrough of integrated circuit technology, Europe and the United States used computers for text input, editing and output processing. Which greatly improved office efficiency. As the stroke characteristics of Chinese characters brought great difficulties to computer processing at that time, Japan began research on information processing of Chinese characters as early as the 1960s.

In 1973, a Chinese technical delegation went to Hitachi, Panasonic, and other Japanese enterprises to study their techniques. Subsequently, the fourth Ministry of Machinery Industry began to develop policies for the domestic computer industry.

In August 1974, the fourth Ministry of Machinery Industry instigated the first Ministry of Machinery Industry (was renamed the Ministry of Machinery Industry later), the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Xinhua News Agency and the National Press and Publication Administration (NPPA) jointly to the National Planning Commission (now one of the predecessor of the National Development and Reform Commission, hereinafter referred to as the National Planning Commission) and the National Council request a report on the Project of Chinese character information processing system as one of the national key scientific research projects. Subsequently, Zhou Enlai instructed the fourth Ministry of Machinery Industry to assemble and establish the Chinese character information processing system project, which is now known as “Project 748”.

“Project 748” consists of three sub-projects: (1) Chinese character precision typesetting system, (2) Chinese character information retrieval system, (3) Chinese news communication system.

2: Mr. Guo Ties with Mr. He Lingle and Japanese

LUDE Media revealed in the program: the so-called Ministry of Machinery industry was a department set up by the Chinese Communist Party to steal overseas machinery industry technology and intelligence. Jiang Zemin, former General Secretary of the CCP, once served in the first Ministry of Machinery Industry.[2] Wang Daohan was Jiang Zemin’ superior and Zeng Shan was Wang Daohan’s superior. Both Zeng Shan and Wang Daohan were intelligence chiefs of the Chinese Communist Party.

While Wang Xuan was just a technician on “Project 748”, Mr. He Lingle (Mr. Guo’s mentor in his early life) carried out the plan on behalf of the military originally and reported directly to Jiang Zemin who was then in charge of the department. Because of the single-stranded nature of Chinese intelligence network and the tradition of family succession, the He family has being serving as agents gathering intelligence for the Chinese Communist Party overseas. Mr. He Lingle’s parents were big shots in Chinese Communist Party intelligence service at that time who had ties with Zhou Enlai and Li Kenong, who were closely affiliated with the highest ranking intelligence leaders of CCP. Even Generals Peng Dehuai and He Long could only stand on either side of them when they were seated, and Mr. He Lingle‘s uncle was the father of Chairman Xia Ping. Mr. Guo once revealed that he donated more than 2,000 yuan to “Six Four” Student Movement in 1989, after selling his motorcycle. After that, he was arrested by the CCP and sent to the “Qingfeng Jail”. At last, in the prison where he was sentenced to death, he met a fellow inmate who was going to be executed the next day. This fellow worked for Mr. He Lingle. Later Mr. Guo was magically released and met He finally. He delivered the final words of  the inmate to Mr. He. Mr. Guo henceforth got to know Mr. He. Because of the relationship between He and Xia Ping and his extraordinary ability, Mr. Guo and Xia Ping established Yuda Real Estate jointly in Zhengzhou of Henan Province. With his extraordinary ability and the help of dignitaries, Mr. Guo has made his marks in politics and business around the world.

Because of the He family’s long association with the top echelons of the CCP and with Japanese politics and business, Mr. Guo was exposed to Japanese families and to senior members of the CCP central committee in his early.

3. Wang, Xuan Stole the Core Technology of Japanese Kanji Strokes System

Hitachi was the first Japanese company that developed the kanji system. Since the Japanese kanji originated from Chinese consist strokes of Chinese characters, they discovered that the use of strokes to form kanji could greatly reduce the storage of information and facilitate processing. The CCP stole the core technology of the kanji stroke system from Japan, and eventually Xuan Wang “processed” it into a home-grown Chinese character system and founded the Founder Group.

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Xuan Wang was awarded the “National Top Science and Technology Award”[3] by Jiang Zemin personally in 2001 and had been granted with the same privileges as the members of the Standing Committee. Even after his death in 2006, his wife still retains the privileges. However, the true story was that Mr. Lingle He was actually the man behind this achievement. The success of the development of the Chinese character system also helped Jiang Zemin to become the General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party.

4. Any Systems that Interface with the Founder’s System Risk Facing CCP’s Infiltration and Manipulation

Nowadays, any software system in the world that uses the Chinese characters input must use the technology that has been monopolized by Founder Group with the source code of the technology has been kept secret. As a result, any system that interfaces with Founder’s Chinese system risks facing CCP’s infiltration and manipulation.  We now have a better understanding of why Mr. Wengui Guo strived to hold shares in Founder Group. Mr. Guo has a close relationship with Mr. Lingle He, which helps us to better understand why Mr. Guo once said that he has been preparing for taking down the CCP for 30 years.

The Founder’s Chinese Character System is a classic example of how the CCP it, and finally used it to infiltrate and manipulate overseas. In addition, the CCP stole home appliance technology from Sony, washing machine technology from Hitachi, encryption technology from MIT, Stanford, and Harvard, as well as aerospace technology from Russia and NASA. The most serious theft was done on biochemical, medical, and health technology. The CCP carries out the “B (blue)-G (gold)-Y (yellow)” strategy overseas leveraging the state power. It is outrageous that the CCP steals important technology and intelligence information and then use these technology to control the world. 

5. Mr. Guo’s Live Broadcast of the Selection of Peking University Founder and Wang Xuan on November 21, 2020 [4]

“It was Zhou Enlai who sent Wang Xuan to [Japan]. Today, I was talking with Lude about Japan’s Hitachi and Sony family being BGY’ed, threatened, and bought out when Wang Xuan went to Japan. So he could steal the techniques for Henan Xinfei Electric Co., Ltd.,  like refrigerators, as well as the 703 Institute. Wang Xuan stole the Japanese characters created by the Japanese people. Since the Japanese characters have much in common with Chinese characters, Wang Xuan stole all the Japanese coding technology, all the Japanese laser phototypesetting technology, and all Japanese typesetting technology back to China, including the JIS coding. China has it. Japan has no national defense. 

Wow, everything was stolen. In the end, the [CCP’s] technologies of computerization and digitalization  were all from Japan, Stanford, and MIT. Why did Wang Enge go to Stanford? His wife was also from Stanford, in Physics. Because Americans had been bribed. The aerospace project was stolen from Russia and America, right? They arranged a lot of female students to marry foreigners; this was absolutely planned, with massive espionages, penetration, and bribe to the West through BGY. 

The reason why the CCP seized the power is because the KMT core members had been BGY’ed. They bought all the intelligence personnels. The most core members [of the KMT] were all pro-CCP. Hu Jintao said very proudly at a private party in 2014 that, “Think about it – even the minister of battle operation of the KMT was working for us. And another one wasn’t exposed until 20 years after he went to Taiwan with Chiang Kai-shek.” How could the KMT not lose? Hu Jintao was so proud that he couldn’t hold himself. And then he talked about the Japanese Prime Minister, Murayama, who was the first Prime Minister after the WW II and in the position for just a short period of time, and he said that his two assistants were CCP members.

Because the West did not accept people from China at that time, all those people eventually went to Japan. All the technologies of Chinese electrical appliances [were stolen from Japan]. I can tell you that, all of them, ah… I know this too well. 

Go to watch Lude media to learn more details. Everything was planned, and I know it well, so well. The Whistleblower Movement is not that simple; I have dealt with them for decades.  So, people in the West totally have no idea about the unrestricted warfare,  which has been run by the [CCP] gangsters with no bottom line, and is the consequence of its secret operations for decades.

How was China elected to host the Olympics? Why did Yang Jiechi try to build relationship with the Bush families? Why did the former American presidents, one administration after another, as well as Kissinger visited China for more than 100 times?  How did China collude with the Wall Street and the third party? The United Kingdom is an old empire. Look at its territory. Who is the person with the most political power in UK?  Who can answer me that? Who is the person with the most political power in UK? Have you ever seen anyone reveal it? None. The British thought they were elected by votes. Who is the person with the most political power in UK?  Just look at who has been completely controlled by the CCP. The German election system has been controlled. It was not started from this year. The CCP has been using this method for decades. What political power does the Queen have?  She has influences, but no political power. 

To be honest, my brothers-in-arms, I don’t want to release these secret information. I don’t want you to think that I’m a bamboozler, a crazy person, you know?  Honestly, you wouldn’t take these things, you wouldn’t understand it. Most people couldn’t understand it. Why do I say Lude is a genius? People like Dr. Bo, Aili and Dr. Guan can catch it whenever I say anything. I have never talked to Lude for longer than a minute when I need to talk with him. But Lude can figure it all out; he is a genius.  Not everyone can be Lude, really. Boring, Shallow, and vulgar. I really don’t want to talk about certain things to people because you guys won’t get it. I devote my whole life to only one thing; I have experienced too much. 

Founder Technology. Do you know where Wang Xuan lived when he was in Japan?

Who did Wang Xuan contact with in Japan? Go to ask who Wang Xuan contacted with if you’d been to Tokyo University or Waseda University. Do you know what gifts Wang Xuan took with him when he went to Japan?  

Do you remember, in the early Qin Era of Emperor Qin Shihuang, what method Zhang Yi used when he built relationship with the 7 states? What did he use when he was working on the Chu State? He bribed its Prince with the best Jade, antique and Jade Seal that he could find. What Wang Xuan took with him when he went Japan were all antiques from the Forbidden City. He could give as many as they wanted. It was said that a Japanese friend wanted a bronze ware of Shang Dynasty from Shang City in Henan Province. He came back and reported this [to the CCP]. And the antique the Japanese friend wanted was in the inventory of a museum in Henan. However, it was only on the paper but was actually gone long ago. It was then ordered to make copies which looked identical to the original one. It was said that they made 3 or 4 copies. He gave the Japanese a fake one, and this guy thought it was real. To avoid being found out, they also gave that guy one of the elephant shape tripods, which were made in pairs. It was the most valuable antique in the museum in Shang City. Note that the City of Zhengzhou in Henan Province was also called Elephant City.  

They stole the most advanced laser typesetting and text encoding techniques

from Japan with a whole country’s effort. This is how the PKU Founder Group got started.”

6. Mr. Guo Exposed the Connection between Founder Technology and Dominion Voting System on November 19, 2020

Remember that the software (Dominion) was originated from Founder Technology of Founder Group of Peking University, of which Miles Guo is the second largest shareholder. Founder Technology is the originator and ancestor of the Dominion software. Besides, Founder Technology owns everything about the Chinese character source code, including typesetting, China’s Chinese character layout and source code all belong to Founder Technology. No kidding. That is the “International Security Plan 784”. The long-term development, national strategy, national security, and national defense of the country are called the core components of the “315 National Defense Plan.” It is the core intelligence force of the CCP and the core backbone of its national defense, including missile launches, documents transfers, and top-secret documents issued by the General Office of the CCP Central Committee. All is based on the technology of Founder Technology. So, if you type in a foreign country, or use Microsoft on a mobile phone, if you keep typing “Take Down the CCP” or insulting Chinese leaders, five out of ten times, even nine out of then times the words won’t show up. As long as your texts contain Chinese characters,  The CCP can control all of them, all over the world. It controls everything about you just like the 5G technology.

Therefore, after the Dominion’s technology was exposed, the CCP knew that it would be the “Ultimate War” between the US and itself. So that’s why some brothers-in-arms in China said that Xi Jinping held a meeting yesterday and once again reiterated internally that it would be the “Ultimate War” between China and the US. At all costs, make Biden win; at all costs, make Trump disappear.


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