Elder Abuse and Neglect Under the CCP Regime

On Nov. 23, a video footage was put on the internet showing an elderly woman helplessly sitting in the lobby of a Chinese Communist Party’s government service center in Yichang City, Hubei Province, China. 

In the video, the elderly, who appeared to be in her 80s, was sitting in the lobby of a government service center where she was supposed to pay her medical social insurance duty, looked totally lost and helpless. A social worker’s voice in the background yelled at her that she was not allowed to pay cash. She must pay her duty with an electronic method, either by Alipay (a third-party mobile and online payment platform used by the CCP for financial control and manipulations) or ask a family for help. On the wall against the lobby, some big gilded words read “Serve the People”, a famous quote  by Mao Zedong, probably the biggest lie of the century by the CCP. Online comments say it was rainy that day, and this elderly went there by herself. 

In Communist China, by law, the Chinese people must pay their social insurance duty, which is divided into several categories:

(Source of information: http://www.lawinfochina.com/display.aspx?lib=law&id=8328&CGid)

The CCP has made their laws imparity clauses to exploit the people. The social insurance system with complicated terms and regulations is such a tool that imposes heavy tax and duties on the people, no matter they are 18 or 80 years old. On the other hand, the medical insurance is only “basic”. Many diseases or medical conditions are not covered. That’s why it happened in Communist China a mother kneeled down and bowed to her 5-year-old kid in despair because she couldn’t afford the high medical expenses to save her kid. Needless to say, if the elderly in the video never had a Alipay account and couldn’t pay her insurance, she wouldn’t be entitled to any of the benefits, though very minimum and poor. 

If she does pay the duty, she’ll have to buy a cellphone, register an online payment account and leave her personal data collected by the CCP owned companies. This is another way of exploitation. Her money, her personal information are once again robbed by the CCP under the name of “laws and social welfare”. 

The Chinese population is facing a critical aging problem. It is projected that 11.8% of the population in 2020 will be 65 years of age and older. The current average age is 38.4 years. Because of the notorious “one child policy”, this aging problem is probably getting worse at a much faster pace than people will realize. On Nov. 24, the Chinese government announced an “Implementation Plan to effectively solve the difficulties of the elderly in using intelligent technology”. It requires local governments and departments to focus on senior people related businesses and services, and “provide comprehensive, considerate and direct services” to the elderly in regard to their utility of the technologies. 

What is the CCP up to? A new data base and market for profit, say, nursing homes, elderly-friendly products. In Communist China, the people is merely anything but slaves and money bags. There are all sorts of fees and taxes imposed in every aspect of life, including housing, health, education, pension, trades, etc, from cradle to casket. But the CCP has granted themselves tremendous benefits, no matter in office or after retirement. For example, according to the CCP’s own news outlets, a retired provincial or ministerial chief official (60 years old) gets an annual pension and allowance of more than 1.1 million RMB (about 167 thousand USD). This doesn’t include luxury housing, special food supply, medicare, transportation, vacation and so on, all free, all taxpayers’ money, the blood of the Chinese people. For ordinary people, they bear a burden their whole life with the risk of robbed by the CCP the last penny in their pockets. 

Mr. Mile Guo commented in Getter that a country and government is an evil regime when it doesn’t take care of the young and the elderly. It has to be taken down and punished. Any society that doesn’t put the vulnerable first is as bad as hell. We all had been kids and we will be old. If we don’t face and deal with the abuses of these vulnerable groups, we will be punished by god. 

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Nov. 24, 2020