CCP Virus Pandemic – Text – Ep 296

1. Since June, China has seen new outbreaks spread in Beijing and other 9 provinces, including Liaoning, Anhui, Fujian, Jiangxi, Shandong, Guangdong, Shaanxi and Jiangsu. CCP’s propaganda shifts systematically the blame on imported frozen food.

2. CCP’s dirty cops assault protestors with impunity. In the Xiangqiao District of Chaozhou City, the police used brutal violence such as pulling on women’s hair to crack down on the protestors.

3. The US Secretary of State said that Taiwan has never been part of Communist China, and that the United States wants to help the Chinese people to tear down the Firewall. In this regard, CCP’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs was not able to find any reasoned response, instead, they replied again with insults and personal attacks.

4. As the Chinese Communist regime suspended IPO of Ant Group, an affiliate of Alibaba, investors in its US stocks filed a class action lawsuit against Alibaba. The suspension was caused by the struggle among factions within the CCP. However, fearing such an event would cause distrust and panic among foreign investors, the regime has ordered Alibaba to bear all responsibilities and liabilities arisen from the suspension of the IPO.

5. CCP’s regime draws up a blacklist of “Taiwan’s independence” supporters to target longstanding activists for their fight for freedom and democracy.

6. On November 14, 2020, people from the New Federal State of China joined MEGA March to support president Trump, they were chanting “TAKE DOWN THE CCP”, which is exactly what they did through their own actions.

7. (Project Veritas, 11/12) Elkins Park USPS Whistleblower: Notice that from now on only “winner” Joe Biden mail ballots will be delivered, and political mail from other sources will be relegated to the undeliverable mailbox or UBBM.

Only thing that will stop election fraud is if people have the courage to stand up. I don’t want to say later that I had the opportunity to do that but I didn’t do it.

8. (Whistleblower Movement Supporter Prince on joining MAGA rally,11/13) We have no choice, we either take the CCP down or they kill us.

We are at war with the CCP and they are doing everything they can to interfere in this election, including the Dominion voting system, the voting machines are partly assembled in China, so it’s no coincidence the Dominion machines change the vote from Trump to Biden and make the Trump vote disappear, behind that is the CCP’s (manipulation).

9. (11/14) The Republican Party has become the workers’ party.

the middle class representing 45 to 51% of the adult population is the main core of the American society.

These people are hurt the most and hate CCP the most.

The Whistleblower Movement and The New Federal State Of China stand with the majority of people in the United States, stand with majority of the middle class and the poor in the world.

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