LUDE Media Newsletter: How we perceive the new vaccines prove 95% effective? Dr. Hu will answer your question.

Published by: Himalaya New Zealand
Translator: Puritan旦旦
Auditor: Ana

The American pharmaceutical companies Moderna and Pfizer, with its partner BioNTech, have announced their vaccines, which show 95% efficacy. These producers also claimed that these vaccines won’t cause any harm. At the same time, they have given a feedback on the effect of vaccination, which showed no safety concerns, and will probably release the final product on December. 

The China-base bio pharmaceutical company SINOVAC Biotech Ltd announced that their vaccine can be conserved at a room temperature, 2-8 degrees celsius, and the target market are some third world developing countries. This vaccine is still in its Phases 3 clinical trial and hasn’t been provided any data yet. People call this product into question, whether it provokes a big damage and risk. 

Question about this topic, the Doctors from LUDE Media have made some detailed analysis. 

For more information, please click the video below. 

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