Summary of Mr. Mask’s show on 11/24

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Today, a very shocking event happened, the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) was forced to transfer transition authority. After Administrator Emily Webster Murphy sent a letter indicating that she had notified Biden that she was ready to begin the formal transition process, the left media is back on its feet. The victory of the leftist Democrats and the CCP is 99.99% in the media, and the way the CCP rules is the same way the media tells rumors as truth, and as a Chinese proverb says,” Three people become a tiger”, which is as illusory and fleeting as fireworks. From the day the legal process was initiated, no media outlet can determine the final outcome, and the final decision is made in the courts. President Trump later tweeted that the coerced transition of power was unlawful and could be linked to certain major crimes (this was a preliminary transfer, and by no means a win for Biden). Ninety-nine percent of Biden’s dirty laundry is, in Mr. Guo’s words, still out there. This confirms Mr. Guo’s earlier statement that the next step in the CCP’s aggressive and thug tactics (threatening General Services Administrator Emily W. Murphy to force her to hand over power) is neither reasonable nor legal. And they will use Biden to the fullest. As this gets bigger and bigger, the more attention the lawsuit gets, the more it will eventually make its way to the Supreme Court or even a military court. The latest news is that Sidney Powell has registered as a military lawyer, and this move by attorney Powell is not only related to the election and the military, but also to the CCP, which is probably behind the whole thing. There are only two places for Biden to go: jail or hell. President Trump is very powerful in the face of the CCP’s BGY silent power, which has been painstakingly silent in the US for years. But we have the Breaking News Revolution, which has already started a media circus about Hunter Biden just to deter him and hope that Biden knows the hard way. Mr. Guo is expecting the current situation, but the more aggressive actions have not yet begun, and Mr. Guo ‘s Pandora’s Box contains even more secrets about the Biden family. 

In the WARROOM, Mr. Bannon, Mr. Raheem and the hosts talk about the recent election-related developments. Mr. Bannon says that those people are in a complete panic, and like The Bad News Bears (1976 American baseball comedy movie), Giuliani is Kelly Leak and Sidney Powell is the baseball pitcher played by Tatum O’Neal. Sidney is rock-solid, investigating the deepest and most systemic issues, enough to expose all the dirty laundry once and for all. Sidney is essentially conducting a criminal investigation, which is one of the reasons you see them working separately (referring to Mr. Giuliani’s announcement that Mr. Powell is no longer a Team Trump lawyer). She is focused on the shutout ball, while Giuliani and his team are focused on 5 or 6 states. Mr. Giuliani is focusing on the US election cases that will not be decided until the Supreme Court: the Biden fraud, the Trump victory, the Dominion system, the fraudulent election, the initiator and creator of which is the biggest perpetrator of the election fraud, the CCP. That is why Sidney Powell is registered as a military lawyer.


SIDNEY POWELL is registered as a military attorney and is the only lawyer who can prosecute treason in a court of law! 

LINWOOD: Powell is telling the truth to the American public while she prosecutes. The media today is increasingly censoring content. The media has isolated the masses of this country on the other side of the country so that no one can hear Powell’s voice in the mainstream media. We are experiencing CCP brainwashing propaganda by the very people who should be hearing the truth, and that is propaganda produced by our own media. The simple truth is that they look beautiful, but they are actually propaganda machines. Look at these media and you will see that they are communists, they are globalists, like Soros, Bezos, and Bill Gates. Biden, Obama, and Hillary are all criminals. George Herbert Walker Bush and George Walker Bush are also members of the criminal enterprise. Soon the people of America will see the truth and God said all the lies will be exposed. 2012 Obama, 2016 Hillary and Biden are using the same computer system in Florida, Linwood went on to say that he believes that the Co-VID virus is a biological weapon released from Communist China and that it was created for many purposes, one of which is to get people to vote by mail to keep distance, isolation and result in panic. All the lies will be exposed and this country will be shocked by the truth. People will be shocked by the facts of child abuse, especially when they learn who once occupied the Oval Office of the White House for a number of years, and they will be shocked when it is revealed that these people are worshippers of Satan.

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