Highlights of Lude Media (Morning)-Nov 24,2020

Jojo, Toronto Maple Leaf Farm

Trump Will Drop Sanctions on 89 Companies Deal With CCP Army, Who Are they? What Kind of Attack on CCP? How to Interpret US Ministry of Defence ‘s Transit Announcement?

• President Trump is close to issuing an executive order for banning 89 Chinese aerospace, and other companies have military ties from buying a range of U.S. goods and technology. This restriction will apply to items as disparate as computer software like word processing, scientific equipment like digital oscilloscopes, and aircraft parts and components.

o Mr. Lu De says that the next legitimate president has no right to end an executive order; only Congress may override a veto with a two-thirds majority. He made a reference to President Obama ordered up the phony RussiaGate scandal.
o President Trump’s plan to crack down on the Chinese Communist Party is unaffected by the election and remains on track.

• United States Department of Defense announced on its website that the department had received notice from President Trump that pursuant to the Presidential Transition Act, the GSA Administrator is making certain post-election resources and services available to the Biden-Harris Transition Team, which is in the best interest of America.
o Mr. Lu De adds that the Biden-Harris team would only be supported if they could prove their presidency was legitimate.

• President Trump’s plan for draining the swamp has been followed “the money” for years. All the “swamp creatures” will be destroyed once the evidence is exposed.

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