The Gift of Gratitude ❤️

By Jin Wang Illustration: Jin Wang Himalaya – San Francisco – Jinxi

A year unlike any other

A year lived through uncharted times

An attitude of a Loving heart…a peaceful state of mind

As gratitude overflows within the soul to make our kindred kind

The arms of our gentle warmth

The eyes of our very being

The ears of our sentient spirit

Open now to share with all if we can simply see, feel, and hear it

Reflecting on the simple and meaningful things in life

Giving Thanks to loved ones both here and gone that have touched our lives

Who taught us how to endure, to mature, to inspire, to learn, to forgive, to believe, to trust, to laugh, to cry, to live, to hope, to survive

And most importantly to Love

Ever so grateful to be alive

Whatever it is you hold beautiful

Whatever you see to be meaningful

Whatever it is that brings you peace and happiness

May it fill and bless you and be yours this day of Thanks

So, on this auspicious and blessed day

Give thanks, give kindness, give hope, give of yourself freely wherever you go

Seek not compliments or glory in all that you do

Just do it for reasons of the heart

And always do it with Love

Give more, give all, give prayer for peace and a better world

Give the gift of a smile, and the touch of tenderness

For Thanksgiving is meant to be shared by all

My Thanks is in giving…and your presence is always a beautiful and warming gift

Blessings of peace, happiness, health, and Love from me to you

This day in giving Thanks

Jin Wang ❤️


– Please take the time to watch this most touching and beautiful video –

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3 months ago

Thank you for Jin Wang’ beautiful Thanksgiving poem ! Happy Thanksgiving to all 🍁🦃💕🌹🥰🙏🙏🙏

3 months ago

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!
Big thanks to the whole GNews crew 😀