War Room: Pandemic Ep 531 summary

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  • Author: Jenny Ball

Bannon: Remember you are the most important audience in the worldAnd this is one of the most important times, not just on American history, the inflection point of world history, this is the most important election in China in 5000 years. 

We have to bring this home. We have an obligation to do this, not just for President Trump and not just for this movement, certainly not just for the Republican Party, but for the Republic itself! That’s what we have to close on this.

Raheem: Most TV saw what Emily Murphy was responding to this, is something that we covered at Antietam. Fight is on like never before. We’re gonna go into details to expose the lawlessness anarchy or tyranny of these forces that will be unleashed on behalf of the left. They don’t necessarily support the Democrats, but they certainly do not support the Republicans either and they will do anything, they will stop at anything, they will go after your pets, go after your family, they go after your kids to get what they want, if you’re in their way.

CNN’s Lou Dobbs the loose dogs video of 2006 that showed yesterday, Lou Dobbs nails SmartTech in the whole scam 14 years ago, he blows up with the details. Now Twitter has announced it the fake news.

Bannon: We actually get to the numbers. Trump Campaign is working on a deep set of analytics that lays out discrepancies, irregularities in Michigan and elsewhere.

GOP elected officials in Georgia, Arizona, and beyond do not want to feel the wrath of the Deplorables, at least want to have a show trial. You’re not trying to suppress vote as Lefty claimed. Every legitimate certify and abide chain of custody vote in this nation, regardless of where it came from must be counted.

Michigan is far from over, with verticals to victory in the supreme court, state legislatures, and with electors.

Jack Maxey: It’s time to show them what it means to stand on and all of us.  Someday we’re gonna meet our kin in the dirt, you want to face them as a coward or you want to face them as somebody who stood up for this country, this Constitution and our rights as Americans.

Jack Posobiec from OAN Correspondent, you didn’t see anything like that for Georgians and definitely not in Montgomery county, there are people standing tall because they’re listening to their constituents, they know that, understand that if they do not fix this election, you’re going to be no next.

In Pennsylvania, the dispute is over equal protection, ensuring election was held the same across all counties.

People are rightly standing up against election officials, demanding action from state legislature. Pennsylvania AG Josh Shapiro announced on Halloween that President Trump would not win the state, even before Election Day. How did Shapiro know that, and why is his home of Montgomery County coming in with all of these discrepancies?

His words to watchers and listeners: Folks focus on the fact that we’re the side that stands up for the rule of law. We stood up for the rule of law all throughout the election!

Bannon: We have to review the compelling evidence in Michigan again.

Great hero, Michigan attorney David Kallman: What happened in Michigan yesterday, our state board of Canvassers certified the results of the election, therefore the supreme court said: Well, your request for an injunction to stop that is now moved because the state board has ruled. But we have evidence of fraud and laid it out in affidavits, which the judge considered as compelling and needs to be checked into immediately and we need a full audit of these:

  • affidavits from Sac Larson who is a former Michigan assistant attorney general that he observed ballots not being properly assigned to the correct voters.
  • he saw the duplication of ballots.
  • that new ballots were being brought in.
  • our former secretary of state Ruth Johnson who did an affidavit.

Now up to trial judge to decide on a date for hearing as emergency.

Raheem: Dave is a fighter for second amendment and for the right to life, supports constitutional fights. MSM is not going to do our work for us the way they do for the Left. What Facebook now doing is squashing Raheem’s account so that to reduce his interaction with followers after stripped off his more than 280,000 followers. They just squash it, the algorithm doesn’t serve up your stories, your lines in people’s feeds to the point where it’s just not worth even being on these platforms anymore.

We have to do a better job of making evidence of fraud easy for people, to amplify what the details are. We’re a small team and work as hard as possible, just like Dave, his guys.

Bannon: This is why over half a million people watching on his live stream.

Himalaya Spain’s official Parler account, stay tuned!
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