Happy Thanksgiving 🍁🦃

Author: Jin Wang @Himalaya – San Francisco – Jinxi

Thanks In Giving…Love ❤️

The perfection of Love

Is never truly known until its passing…

And in the shadows of the past

Are the beginnings of tomorrow, and every day to come

Only Love in its fullness

Can cast out the grievances and pains of the past

The anxieties and expectations about the future

All emptiness is prey to unhappiness, sorrow, and unease

But in the Light truth is revealed

The stillness of silence echoes with dignity, grace, and honor

Yet though we may know this…

What good is this knowing

Can we make Love up

Manufacture it

Call it into being

Find it in some desert place

The seed of its being must already be in us

The seed planted by Life, by Light…by Love

We must cherish it

And hold it in solemn reverence

As a gift given to the soil of our heart and soul

Giving thanks for sun and rain in their proper measure

Praying that we are given the time to wait for

The ripening grain to be harvested

In the beauty and fullness of Love

This tillage is our work from which we are given peace to rest

To work, to restore…to replenish our faith

And in Hope we go forth learning compassion and patience

In the contemplation and gravity of the here and now

Rejoicing in the fullness of this very moment

To come is our life


Full of Love

Full of giving, and sharing, and being

Full of thanks

Full of kind and good cheer

For there is power in becoming clearer than the reality surrounding one and all

Knowing that despite the ending there are the moments in between

A color coated scene that reminds you that the cold will come

But it will not last forever

Look up and see the stars shining in the sky

Like little pearls shimmering in the lake

Dancing to the rhythm of peace and tranquility

And here we are as the night goes by

As the moon casts its Light upon this sacred and blessed earth

Admiring beauty for beauty’s sake

The flowers are blooming…come, take a look

What beauty they hold in their pure and simple beings

And so are the petals, such fragile and fragrant things

Welcoming the day, swaying with the breeze

If only you could see from the artist’s eye

What amazing colors this palette holds

Painting a picture with whimsical strokes

Laden exquisitely in glistening silver and gold

Getting brighter and bolder as the day grows old

The birds are soaring high on the blue canvas above

Singing their songs in such sweet and honeyed harmonies

Oh the nightingales, the robins and doves

All giving thanks to life for this care, this kindness…this Love

The day progresses, it’s late afternoon

And sun begins to set…slowly heading due west

The day wraps up, and will end quite soon

But we still have time to be our best

Look up again

The sky is turning orange…laced in shades of lilac, pink and red

Bidding a fond farewell to this very special and grateful day

Getting darker as we take one final look

Closing another chapter in Heaven’s infinite and Divine book

So, give Thanks for dear friends far and near

And for those whose memories touch and warm our hearts for endless years

As kindred spirits celebrate and unite

Today…this beloved day

A day in giving Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family

Jin Wang ❤️

Thanksgiving love
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3 months ago

Happy Thanksgiving

3 months ago

What a beautiful beautiful poem!
Thank you Jin Wang for writing this poem!
Happy Thanksgiving 🦃🍁 💕❤️🥰🙏