The Hidden Anti-Christ Message of Hunter Biden’s Back Tattoo

Fig.1 Hunter Biden’s back tattoo (left) is a mimic of the Finger Lakes region (right)

On November 21, Mr. Miles Kwok posted a video on his GTV Getter that exposed the previously undetected evil message hidden in hunter Biden’s back tattoo. It immediately triggered a great deal of public interest in the secret of Biden’s tattoo as he has become a well-known villain since the incident of “Biden Three Hard Drives”. As a follow up to my article [1], I intend to present more of the circumstances behind the tattoo, which may help people understand more about the dark side of the USA.

As I described in my article [1], Hunter Biden used the shape of the Finger Lakes for a number of reasons, one of which was to hunt underage girls in an area known for its active human trafficking, sexual slavery and commercial sexual exploitation. The video mentioned by Mr. Kwok was published on YouTube in 2014 and quickly got millions of views. In the video, Ms. Christine Weick, a Christian activist, dissected the Monster brand, arguing that Monster Energy drink hide Satanic symbols and carry an anti-Christ message.

According to Christine, Monster Energy Drink contains Satanic imagery, performs Satanic worship and glorifies ‘the dark side”. Let’s review what she convinced in the video. As shown in Fig. 2, there are three repeated claw images that make up the green ‘M’ of the Monster can, and they look strikingly similar to the Hebrew symbol for six (vav) symbol; so you get the Hebrew number 6 6 6 (vav vav vav) — ” mark of the beast”, and the slogan “Unleash the Beast” refers to Satan (known in the Book of Revelations as ‘The Beast’). There is a cross in the Monster’s “O”– it is “witchcraft”. When you drink the “Monster” out of the can or pour it into a glass, the cross is turned upside down. This “Monster” is Satan and the anti-Christ!

Fig.2 The brand and slogan of Monster Energy Drink

This video warns people that Satan worshippers have a secret agenda to infiltrate large corporations and attempt to use their wealth and power to purposefully infuse coded signals into benign daily objects. The selected athletes received monetary support, publicity, and guidance from the Monster Energy drink. One of the athletes was BMX superstar Colton Satterfield, who announced he was leaving the company for religious reasons. In his official statement (via Vital BMX), he said he was unable to, in good conscience, continue under their sponsorship because of their marketing angle; and his decision was correct for him [2].

Going back to Hunter Biden’s tattoo, it is obvious that three long lakes in the middle of the tattoo are very similar in shape to the three claws. Since we already knew from “Hunter’s Three Hard Drives” those evil things he has done, there is no doubt that Hunter Biden and his crime family is enjoying the sex, wealth and power offered to them by Satanism. I am not surprised that he worships Satan. Today, the CCP’s evil acts towards Humanity and God have been proven time and again, because the CCP has been an evil Satanism since the very beginning. Xi, the CCP’s top leader, has declared this to be the ultimate war between the evil party, which includes the CCP and the deep state, and the United States, which includes true American patriots and fellow Chinese. What is currently being disclosed to social media is only a fraction of “Hunter’s Three Hard Drives.” As we move forward with the 2020 Presidential Election, we can expect more shocking corruption and darkness to be exposed from “Hunter’s Three Hard Drives”. The war between God and Satan continues and will not end until the devil falls! Our goal at this moment is to take down the CCP. Let’s get ready for the cruel war to come!


[1] Lucas, The Secrets Hidden in the Tattoo on Hunter Biden’s Back, (2020 Oct. 31).

[2] Debra Kelly, The untold truth of Monster energy drinks. (2018 Apr. 04).

Author: Lucas

Proof-Reader: Squirrel

Original opinion article by Himalaya Gfarm Vancouver – 2020/11/24

Disclaimer: This article only represents the author’s view. Gnews is not responsible for any legal risks.

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