Ray Wigdal, an Anti-CCP Fighter and Trump Supporter Speaks out


November 22, 2020. I am here at the mighty Kenai River in Alaska. And you can see this is one of the greatest rivers in the world. Absolutely wonderful for salmon. 

And I’m here because I want to make a video real quick once again, expressing my support for Donald J. Trump for president. Yes, Donald you won the election, hands down! and we’ll get through this. 

Two Bible verses real quick. Number 1, and I’ll say this over and over because this is the most important Bible verse as it relates to the corruption, the Communist Party influence on America, Satan’s influence on the Christian faith, and it’s in John chapter 10 verse 10(10:10): “ the thief comes only to steal, kill and destroy; Jesus comes to bring life and bring it abundantly.” 

The other verse is First Timothy 6th 10th (6:10): “the love of money is the root of all sorts of evil.” And that’s what’s going on right now in this world: It’s that the communist party of China. Try to imagine a group of leaders in Beijing. 

And listen people, you’d say what, “how does Ray Wigdal”, my name is Ray Wigdal, “how does he know stuff that other people don’t know? How about thirty four years living in Beijing? How about reading the Chinese news paper every day for thirty plus years? How about meeting with communist party leaders and learning how they think and how they act and how they kill people and how they destroy people’s lives? How about that?” And then, how about doing Christian missionary work in China for thirty four years under the radar and not being exposed by the communist party. 

So yes! I am the expert on what’s going on in this world right now and the communist party leaders of China with their trillions of dollars and their millions of people, direct people that are communist party members, as well as the surrogates all over the world. They are out to conquer and destroy this world and take it over. 

And of course, who’s in the way? You guessed it—the United States of America. And for them personally, yes, it’s Donald J. Trump, not because Donald J. Trump is somebody that we just worship. No, no, no! We just understand that he is faithful to this country, he’s faithful to God, almighty, and he’s faithful to us who love God, love country, and don’t want to see communism take over the world. So we will win this, and we did win this, and we will fight through whether it’s the Supreme Court or other ways. WE WILL BE VICTORIOUS. Thank you, Jesus! And once again, thank you, God, for this wonderful river called Kenai River.

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5 months ago

thank you ! father in Heaven