Summary of the Mr. Mask Show(Nov 23, 2020)

Translated by KY

Edited by 64 Himalaya,Antsee-GTV

Proofreading and revised by Yanbohaomiao

Audited by Truemanman

Dear comrades in arms, hello everyone, I am Mr. Mask. Today, let’s take a look at the news of the explosion:

1. Mr. Giuliani, the responsible lawyer of the Trump presidential campaign team, tweeted a statement On November 22 that former U.S. Attorney Sidney Powell is not an attorney for Trump campaign team. And in the past few days, a series of big news about the fight against election fraud and the cheating software have caused a stir in the Western world.

After the statement was released, many media gloated that prosecutor Powell had been cut from the Trump campaign legal team. But the facts are exactly the opposite of what they said. Attorney Powell issued a statement to CBS after Giuliani made the above statement, saying: I understand today’s press conference. I will continue to speak up for our people. Dominion and Smartmatic stole the votes cast from Trump and other Republicans, and we will soon file a lawsuit. In any case, we will protect the foundations of this great republic.

2. After a series of changes in the South China Sea and the substitution of the Ministry of National Defense a few days ago, Secretary Pompeo’s trip to negotiate with the Taliban and several cancerous countries in the Middle East is expected to have results soon.

3. The British aircraft carrier will soon be stationed in Asia aiming directly at the CCP. At the end of 2019, President Trump signed the largest military expenditure in the history of the United States (a new military service-the Space Force was established during this period), and the United States’ power distribution and policy regarding space have undergone major changes. At the same time, the CCP is also sparing no effort to develop the moon landing plan for its strategic deployment. During the confrontation between the United States and the Soviet Union, the competition for space (radio, GPS, etc.) was extremely fierce. The space field is very important for military strategic deployment on the surface. The victory or defeat of the space race determines the victory or defeat of the war on earth. After the CCP announced the news of the upcoming Chang’e-5 launch, the US State Department stated that starting today, the US will no longer be a signatory to Treaty on Open Skies. From the military confrontation, including the CCP as the biggest threat to the former Soviet Union, it can be seen that the war is about to start at any time, and more and more new faces appear to prove that the votes are false.

4. Taiwan media reported that the US Indo-Pacific Command,intelligence Director, Rear Admiral Michael Studeman took a US administrative plane number 375 to Taipei Songshan Airport on the evening of November 22, is expected to leave in the evening on the 24th.

5. Reuters reported on November 22 that attorney Powell was alienated by the Trump campaign with unfounded claims that the electronic voting system had changed ballots. US President Trump’s campaign parted ways with lawyer Sidney Powell on Sunday. Powell said at a press conference last week that the electronic voting system changed millions of votes to vote for President-elect Biden (the reports of these media show that they want President Trump to lose the election). Powell subsequently declared:” I agree with the statement of the campaign team that I am not a member of the campaign legal team. I have never signed an employment agreement, nor have I sent any fee or compensation bills to the president or the campaign team. My intention has always been to expose all the deceptions I can find so that the bargaining chips fall within the scope of it, whether it is a Republican or a Democrat. (This statement shows that Lawyer Powell and President Trump’s team have no interests, but our pursuit of anti-counterfeiting is the same).

6. Lawyer Linwood: Looking ahead, the supreme court is ready. The President recently adjusted the Department of Defense. He put in place experts in combating cyber terrorism and terrorism. In an executive order issued in 2018, he formulated a plan for how to deal with foreign interference in the US election. When John Henry Durham’s report came out (American attorney, he has been a U.S. attorney for the Connecticut District since February 2018. Durham has been in a different location in Connecticut and has been the U.S. Assistant Attorney General for 35 years), some People are going to jail. I would like to see Jeffrey Edward Epstein (a wealthy American prostitute and died in prison) and Ghislaine Maxwell (a close friend of Epstein was accused by the U.S. federal government of inciting minors and trafficking in underage girls in 2020 Crime) something on the laptop. I want to see what’s on Hunter Biden’s laptop, and I want to see what’s on Anthony Weiner’s (Hillary Assistant’s husband) laptop. As we get into the final stage of the election, some people will be all in one go, and we will see more people go to prison. Those who ended up in jail are believed to be those who are being investigated for their full and partial involvement. There will be a huge awakening among the people of our country, and the truth must be revealed. No one can hide the truth. Every lie will be exposed, and the whole country will be shocked when the truth is revealed. People will be shocked when they learn who has controlled the White House these years (the Supreme Court is ready to go and will eventually give the best result of this event in the Supreme Court, definitely not in the private sector or the media).

7. In an interview with Fox News, a relevant legal person said: there are two important things to figure out. The first point is whether the Dominion system has the potential to manipulate elections and transfer votes from one person to another. The second point is whether they really did this. The court needs to rule on the second point. Dominion and related personnel need to be cross-examined. Cross-examination is the most outstanding method to get to the truth in history. We need to check the evidence. The election results cannot be based on assumptions. The possibility and potential must be based on real events and must go through trial. This trial does not require a jury, because this is not a loss case, but an injunctive relief case, so it is decided by the judge. But the evidence needs to be reviewed by judges, and judges have held a skeptical attitude so far. Because they have not seen any evidence, it is time for the Trump team to provide evidence. Although there is no need to publish evidence to the media, they need to provide evidence to the court before next Friday so that the public and the court can see the evidence. Let’s decide whether Dominion is only cheating or they are cheating. The American people have the right to know the truth of this election and ultimately produce the election results (then it is time for President Trump’s team to produce evidence).

A lot of evidence will have a very good explanation next week. We will see how much more the news media will report it then, and how they can fake it in the face of real evidence. I believe everything will be different. The ups and downs of the U.S. election are like life. It is the setbacks and challenges that the U.S. has encountered that has allowed us to see the ferocity and the truth of the manipulators behind it. Who is actually manipulating these? It’s the CCP. The resistance to President Trump’s election will only make him and his team fight back more fiercely after the dust settles. How crazy the CCP is today, the power that will be returned to him tomorrow will be as great and bursting as possible.

8. Many media in Taiwan reported that the head of the Intelligence Bureau of the US Indo-Pacific Command, Rear Admiral Michael Studeman, arrived at Taipei International Airport on a special chartered flight at 7pm local time. The report revealed very little information, which is very secret. It is possible that there are more important people behind the secret. Therefore, the United States has not let up on the Taiwan issue for a moment. Before the election, Mr. Guo said that one of the core issues of the 2020 election is the Taiwan issue, and we have seen that the United States has taken a series of actions against Taiwan before the election and now.

9. Reuters reported that China is about to launch Chang’e 5 to become the third country to sample from the moon after the United States and the former Soviet Union. China plans to launch an unmanned lunar probe this week to try to bring lunar rock samples back to Earth. This will be the world’s first attempt since 1970. If successful, China will become the third country to obtain lunar samples after the United States and the former Soviet Union. My comrades, we know that CCP’s Beidou system is the biggest threat and challenge to the US GPS system. What does this CCP plan to land on the moon landing mean? It is to get rid of the United States in various fields, including the space field, and to be the boss, which is very similar to the US-Soviet war. At the same time, another piece of news stated that the United States will no longer be a signatory to the Open Skies Treaty from today. What does this mean? The attitude of the United States is also very clear. The past era has been over, and the next step will be all-round opposition. Space military, economic, monetary, and financial fields, such as CCP poisoning such as biochemical over-restricted warfare, are fully open to competition.

10. Today, there is a very interesting post on Weibo (sort of Chinese twitter) inside the CCP wall. The retweeted is President Trump’s lawyer Lin Wood in an interview on the radio show on November 21, saying: “A huge awakening will occur in the United States, every lie will be exposed”, “One thing I want to say is that it will end in a pot!” We Chinese people, on the one hand, are blocked from information, and on the other hand, their minds are affected by fear and they are afraid to do something, just like what happened in Hong Kong. There are several magic weapons of CCP dictatorship, one is to create fear through threats of power, and the other is that if you support (dictatorship) through some small interests to make you a little bit of money, one is a whip and the other is candy, that’s how dictatorships work. It is basically the same thing from the Nazis to today. There’s a reason why it works, but will it eventually continue? Absolutely not. Because it has touched the most fundamental core value of the most powerful country in the world. Why did Hitler have to lose in World War II? Miles Guo also said that there must be circumstances that we humans cannot predict or explain, and they all seem to be coincidences. When you think that this is a coincidence, it is inevitable. When Hitler attacked the Soviet Union, the weather changed drastically. If the weather suddenly became better and warmer, then Hitler’s eastern front would have been taken, and the United States would have nothing to recover. Including the core weapon development technology at that time, Einstein suddenly stopped staying with the Nazis, and the fate of mankind changed. Today mankind has reached this critical point again. The CCP seems to be successful again. Will it succeed in the US election? Can the United States be completely subverted? It is impossible.

11. Here is a photo from Internet, dated as 2010, which is very early. It is not necessary to talk about these people, Wei Xin, Hunter Biden …… and Domini software what is going on. Among them, Wei Xin seems to have something to do with the killing of the son of Ling Jihua and the Ferrari sports car. So, as you can see, what is happening today is not disconnected from what Mr. Guo revealed about Peking University Founder in 2017. Is the interest behind Peking University Founder only the Peking University, which we know as a securities company? Peking University Founder, China’s finance, the source of finance or the financial boss. Financial licenses and financial papers have a major impact on China’s economy, including the world economy, and even threats. There are also Bohai Financial Holdings and Wang Jian, which of these are relevant? Therefore, the Peking University Founder is really influencing the fate of people around the world, including this general election, which is the tip of the iceberg as we have seen.

12. Domestic propaganda has already brought the epidemic under control, but today in a video on the Internet, a crowd of passengers at Shanghai Airport was stopped and asked for all nucleic acid tests. So, comrades-in-arms, no matter where you are, the epidemic is far from over. The best anti-epidemic tools are masks, gloves, and of course the preventive medicine recommended by Dr. Yan, which Miles Guo has also tried. The comrades can follow the doctor’s instructions and professional instructions to eat for prevention and don’t imagine having this vaccine. It’s a biochemical weapon, and it’s definitely not a simple virus. All comrades must pay attention. The so-called vaccine is a gimmick, behind which is the benefit. At present, the virus is basically in a state of incomprehension, and most places in China are cooling down recently. The colder the virus is, the more like it, so comrades must pay attention.

13. In a recent live broadcast video, Miles Guo said that mankind will usher in a new era of survival. It seems possible to extend life in the future. He hopes that all his comrades in arms can live a long life and love their parents, family, relatives, and friends. This is the most real.

All comrades-in-arms must survive and wait until the CCP is eliminated. The reason why the world is fighting like this now makes many people almost doubt life and feel that the power of the CCP devil is so powerful, but things must be reversed. This shows that that the pains of childbirth are necessary for mankind to move to the next era. Several major changes in human history have been related to wars. After World War I and World War II, the great changes in the world, including the Industrial Revolution, there have been various competitions, including just or unjust wars initiated by interest groups to redistribute benefits. But comrades-in-arms, we must not become victims of wars, and not be exploited by others while the virus is raging, and not be fantasies. We should firmly believe in the Whistleblower Movement. As long as this barrier can be passed, the next era will be completely different. When electric energy and clean energy become popular, can these old capitalists who make a fortune from oil be willing? Of course, not willing, so this kind of contest is normal, but in the end, no one can change the wheel of history. The CCP is bound to perish. On the one hand, it is the opposite of the United States, the American people, President Trump, and the entire Western world. On the other hand, it is also a tool for the evil groups to rely on and use. Anyway, it will eventually be destroyed, just a matter of time and method. So, the CCP will be crazy in the end and will adopt more cruel methods. The virus may have new changes, but it can’t change the outcome of being eliminated. So, what I want to say most is that our comrades must protect ourselves.

Well, dear comrades-in-arms, today’s live broadcast ends here, thank you comrades for your support. We will see you in the next issue!

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