Greg Kelly: Ensuring fair election is good 11/23

Greg Kelly reminds us that President Trump is fighting for our democracy, why we no longer need the folks at ‘mainstream media,’ and more – via Newsmax TV’s ‘Greg Kelly Reports.’ at 7pm ET on Nov. 23, 2020.

Greg Kelly says:
1 Ensuring fair election is good.
2 Media people think too much of themselves.
3 Not everything is a crisis.
4 The constitution doesn’t say “President-Elect”.
5 Powell continues pursuing election challenges.
6 Dominion Voting concerns long before 2020.
7 Media totally ignored Hunter Biden story.
8 Russia Collusion was a conspiracy theory.
9 Right-Wing Media doesn’t ignore controversy.
10 Kayleigh slams CNN correspondent.
11 The rule of the mainstream media.
12 Biden announces his team.
13 John Kerry’s reappearance.

Disclaimer: This article only represents the author’s view. Gnews is not responsible for any legal risks.

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