Only 24 Hours, Not 72 Hours, for U.S. Military to Finish Off the Battle

In his GTV live broadcast on 11/19/2020, Mr. Guo vividly depicted the U.S. military prowess – if called upon to fight against the CCP, it would only take 24 hours, not 72 hours, to finish off the battle. He wishes that the WM had been able to wake up more people that have been brainwashed by the CCP, so they could realize the idea of taking over Taiwan is absolutely unachievable, horrible, conscienceless, and “no way the U.S. and the world would allow you [CCP] to attack Taiwan!”


If they were to put up a fight with the U.S., [the top CCP cadres] are fully aware of this basic knowledge, it’d only take 72 hrs for the U.S. to finish them off, military-wise. As one BIA (brother-in-arms) put it, “72 hrs? That’d include a round trip to a Hamburger joint for the American troopers!” Only then, that’d last as long as 72 hrs. Once the Americans are determined to initiate military actions, they could finish off within 24 hrs!

What are the Communist China’s naval ships good for? Transporting logs of wood, transporting milk/milk powder, transporting antiques, transporting ivory…How could they be fit for fighting in a war? To the top-ranking CCP cadres, it couldn’t be any clearer that they have no capacity to fight a war against the U.S.

Second, even till now, many [Chinese] still think launching military actions against Taiwan would be a good option. Almost all believe that attacking Taiwan will be a sure win. This is typical for us Chinese and the CCP these years – Absolutely no confidence in dealing with foreigners. However, treating our compatriots – the more mercilessly, the better;  with absolute confidence!

I am so surprised, while not so much. One failure of our WM (Whistleblower Movement) is even until now, not enough people have been awakened. All those CCP’s military personnel, the cadres of high, mid, and low ranking, all perceive it as a good option to attack Taiwan. “Once we take over Taiwan, all will get better. We’ll have money, and all the goodies. Along with taking over HK, also a beneficial event!”

Apparently, the majority of the Chinese have been brainwashed so much that they’ve lost their conscience. How come they have never thought what’d be next after taking over Taiwan and HK via military actions…Their lives would deteriorate to the level of no need even for brainwashing… Not to mention you can’t beat Taiwan! And, no way the U.S. and the world would allow you to attack Taiwan! No common sense at all. Utterly horrible!

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1 year ago

yes, Ive noticed many chinese seem to have lost their humanity… its like… not my problem!

1 year ago

Take down the evil CCP!

We Are America
1 year ago

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