Transformation from Anti-fan to Fan of Trump

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Recently, an article titled “Transformation From Anti-fan to Fan of Trump” quietly spread in the WeChat Moments.

The article describes the author’s journey from “Anti-fan of Trump” to “Fan of Trump” in the process of US election messaging. The article states that since most leaders have sent congratulatory messages to Biden, the author does not think Trump can win the election. However, after Trump raised questions and complaints, the author forwarded informative posts, which attracted all kinds of illogical snide remarks. The author calls these people “Anti-fans of Trump”.

According to the article, the debate with the “Anti-fans of Trump” led the author to take the initiative to get to know the pro-Trump team, and as a result, none of them were able to raise his own doubts. The one thing that turned the author into a firm “Fan of Trump” was the fact that Democrats like Obama, Hillary, Biden, etc. turned their Twitter avatars black. The author claims that this is gangster-ism, intimidation, and no political civility at all.

At the end of the article, the author says: “In the year 2020, anything is possible, and we must be in awe of ideals and idealism, because every major advancement of mankind has been the result of ridding ourselves of the evils of vulgarity, whether it’s technology, culture, or people’s rights, otherwise when we encounter our own “black swans” in life, others may ignore and laugh at our stupidity, and no one will lend a helping hand.”

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