CCP and fake news try to put in Joe Biden as the coronated monarch of America

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As early as the year 2020, people were struggling with the CCP virus from death from all over the world, Miles Guo, the founder of the Whistleblower movement had already made an astonishing claim the election of the United States 2020 will end up absurd. No one understood the meaning of the words at that time. As the election approaches, tons of scandal breaks out, more and more people get to know about the corruption evidence of Biden’s family about his corporation with communist china. Especially, hunter Biden becomes an American porn star with his love birds. All of these comes from three hard drives from a high-level secretary of the Chinese communist party handed over to the United States Department of Justice.  The most important is the three hard drives officially opened Pandora’s Box for the US election. first broke the video of Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden and important evidence of his loan from CCP, which shocked the entire United States.

With this, President Trump unsurprisingly maintained the lead on the day of the election. However, the accident happened as planned, and all of this will be written into American history in the future. According to election data on the day of the election on November 3, Biden’s vote miraculously soared by 128,000 votes in Michigan, but Trump and other candidates remained unchanged. The same thing happened in Wisconsin. Biden’s vote increased by 140,000 in an instant. The number of voters in this state even exceeded the number of registered voters. According to the latest news from LudeMedia. The total number of votes in Sagan has soared from 99% to 350%, and the number of votes far exceeds the total population.

 The deep states and the fake news are trying to crown Biden as The King of the United States. They tried to turn unverified results into facts. It seems everything had settled and Joe Biden won the final victory. However, Americans waken up after this election fraud. The United States is a democratic country and a beacon of freedom in the world. If the president is elected by cheating, the glory and credibility of the United States will be no more. The American people have to make the right choice at this historic moment. With the awakening of American, millions of Americans took to the streets to support President Trump in Washington DC. At the same time, the people of the New Federal States of China spontaneously organized to join to support President Trump in Washington on November 14th, demonstrating the brand new spirit of the New Federal States of China walking with justice. In addition, after the election night on November 3, the US President Trump’s law team investigated and collected evidence on Biden’s unusual data immediately. Former Mayor Rudi Giuliani was responsible for litigation across the country. Arbitrate these cases fairly within the scope to ensure that the voice of the American people is not deprived.

Fraud evidence soon blasts out, and people noticed the name Dominion voting system. Since November 4th, there has been news that the voting machine has changed abnormal votes all from this voting system. For the Dominion voting system, first of all, the voting system encrypts the names of the candidates from the plaintext into a QR code, it is very inconsistent with the security evaluation method designed by the voting software. Hacking and background tampering open the door to convenience. Magistrate Amy Totenberg publicly questioned this long before the election. However, Dominion is rapidly spreading throughout the United States. There is news that state and local officials are eager to replace the old voting system with Dominion software before the 2020 US general election. Including Arizona, Georgia, Chicago, Illinois, and many other states and regions. This year, Georgia has used Dominion Voting Systems election software for the first time. Atlanta had objections to the system in October.

In fact, Dominion’s backdoor allows the software owner to monitor the voting situation in real-time and manipulate the results of the vote. All this allows us to link the fact that Arizona has discovered that the voting machine is seriously cheating, and change Trump’s vote to Biden’s vote. . On November 18, the Ludemedia reported that Georgia discovered that Biden had incorrectly registered as many as 9,000 votes. There is more and more evidence of election fraud coming out. Without surprise, all these machines use the Dominion voting system.

The Dominion voting system has a deep relation to the Democratic Party and communist China. Dominion had admitted his relationship with the former chief of staff of Pelosi and the fact that he donated money to the Clinton Foundation. Democratic own the system. we can find more evidence from social media. John Poulos, CEO, and President of Dominion Voting System admitted at the House of Representatives Administrative Committee meeting in January this year that its products use components from China, which proves the evidence Chinese Communist Party intend to influence the result of election 2020.  Lu’demedia revealed that HongShan Capital is the secretary boss behind the Dominion voting system on  November 15, and HongShan Capital is owned by Shen Nanpeng, who is the agenda of the Chinese Communist Party. It is not difficult to understand CCP uses Dominion as a weapon to influence the US election, To eliminate the pressure from the trade war from Trump. And Joe traitor Biden, who had a deal with the CCP can win the votes in an unconventional way to cover up his corruption with Communist China. If this is true, it will be the biggest political scandal of this century.

Americans do not need Joe Biden, the King of the United States. What Americans need is a legitimate American president elected by honest votes in accordance with the law, not a self-styled present. The media cannot enthusiastically announce that Joe Biden is elected president. The result must be recounted. Therefore, legal proceedings not only protect the integrity of the election but also bring justice to President Trump. The ultimate goal of all legal actions is to count every legitimate ballot and kick the false ballots out of the voting system. Nearly 28 states were infected. We believe Trump will surely win the final victory and sworn his next 4 years on January 20, 2021. 



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