Shanghai Pudong Airport lock-down follow-up: the latest investigation published; the outbreak alerts raised in multiple cities in China

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Shanghai Epidemic prevention and Control Leading Group gave an introduction to the epidemic prevention situation and published 2 new local infection at the press briefing in the morning of Nov 23.

On Nov 22, 2 suspected COVID-19 cases were found in the tracking-down of the close contacts with confirmed cases in Pudong area. One of the cases was the colleague of Mr./Mrs.Wu, who is a confirmed case and works at the freight station of UPS Shanghai international transfer center located in the west district of Pudong airport, and the other one was the wife of Mr.Wang, who is also a confirmed case working at the same place. Both of them have a COVID-19 positive test. After the consultation of the municipal experts and combined with clinical, radio logical manifestations and laboratory nucleic acid test results, 2 suspected cases have been diagnosed as the COVID-19 confirmed cases. And they were transferred to Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center for the quarantine treatment.

By 8 a.m. on Nov 23, with the investigation, 55 people were found having had close contacts with the confirmed COVID-19 cases, Mr./Mrs.Cao or Mr./Mrs.Zhang. All the 55 people were put in quarantine and with their first nucleic acid tests, the results are negative.

The track-down investigation and sampling have been already done over 2541 people. All the testing results showed negative.

By 8 a.m. on Nov 23, sampling has been done on all the relevant food, goods and environment for the nucleic acid tests. There were 378 samples in total, and the test results are all negative.

In addition, according to the Health Times, by Nov 22, besides the 2 mentioned cases, there were 5 COVID-19 confirmed cases which are relevant to the outbreak of Shanghai Pudong International Airport.

  1. On Nov 9, a new confirmed case in Shanghai, Mr./Mrs.Wang, worked at the freight station located in the west district of Pudong airport and lived at Yingqian, Zhuqiao county, Pudong, where has been classified as the intermediate risk area.
  2. On Nov 10, Mr./Mrs.Lan, who has been confirmed as COVID-19 positive at Yingshang county, Anhui, worked at the freight station located in the west district of Pudong airport together with Mr./Mrs.Wang. He or she lived at Residence Zhangyang, Yiingshang County, Fuyang City, Anhui. The Residence Zhangyang has been confirmed at the medium risk area since 12p.m. on Nov 11.
  3. On Nov 20, there were 2 new confirmed cases in Shanghai. One is Mr./Mrs.Wu, worked at the freight station located in the west district of Pudong airport as the security checker and the other one is Mr/Mrs.Li, the spouse of Mr./Mrs.Wu, living at the Residence Ming Tian Hua Cheng in Zhoupu. The Residence Ming Tian Hua Cheng has been set as the medium risk area now. 
  4. On Nov 21, there was 1 new confirmed case in Shanghai. He or she is the colleague of the confirmed case Mr./Mrs.WU. The residence of this case, Xinsheng Residence at Zhuqiao, Pudong, has been set as the medium risk area now.

Recently, there were multiple new cases reported in Tianjin and Shanghai. The CDCs in Beijing, Jiangxi and Sichuan have published the epidemic reminder of COVID-19. Given the reality of tightly controlled epidemic information in China, the fact might be even worse.

Numerous experts and media have predicted that there will be a second outbreak in winter. Please do take the well personal precautions, be really careful of the possible infection!

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