Chinese University of Hong Kong Launches Graduation Parade . CCP National Security Agency in Hong Kong takes over the investigation

Translator: PureHeart-Yuan; Reviewer: Wencheng

The Chinese University of Hong Kong has used the epidemic as an excuse to change its graduation ceremony, originally scheduled for November 19, to an online event. However, over a hundred CUHK students staged a graduation march. Some of the marchers carried banners such as “Glorious Hong Kong , Time Revolution” and “Hong Kong Independence”. The students denounced that CUHK’s cancellation of the graduation ceremony is a comical political suppression. They will insist on making their voices heard.

It is reported that after the Chinese University of Hong Kong called the police, the Hong Kong Education Bureau also came forward to condemn the students, while the Chinese Communist Party’s National Security Agency in Hong Kong has also launched an investigation.

Fighter fellow’s Perspectives (Wen Yue):

The young people of Hong Kong are worthy of being a model for the times and heroes of the nation. They have not been deterred by the various intimidations and bloody repressions of the Hong Kong Communist government. Even the ravages of the epidemic could not stop them from expressing their heartfelt voices. This special graduation parade at the Chinese University of Hong Kong once again demonstrated to the world that they would rather die than give up their freedom. The young people of Hong Kong were born for their beliefs and have no fear in the face of dictatorial violence and oppression, their spine is straight. After going through the baptism of blood and fire over the past year, the young people of Hong Kong have been reborn and refined a more resolute and unyielding character, and their struggle against tyranny will not end, which will definitely inspire all Hong Kong people who still have a conscience to fight for freedom and rights.

The above is author’s personal views.


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