【Righteousness Observe】The Battle between Good and Evil Has Come to Earth through this Presidential Election

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Jeane Dixon was a well-known American self-proclaimed psychics and astrologers of the twentieth century. In her book “The Call to Glory” published in 1971, she predicted that an apocalyptic ‘War of Armageddon’ would occur in 2020, indicating a showdown between those who believe in God and those who oppose God.

As a matter of fact, when we first stepped into the year 2020, we already felt it was unusual. It seems that a boundary has become clearer for people to distinguish between good and evil and the evil force behind the mask has been further revealed throughout the year. From a ludicrous president election, people who have wisdom have seen their disguises, behind-the-scenes manipulations, and collusion more clearly. Those who are able to ascend to a higher dimension can actually see the battle between God and Devil has begun and God and His people will triumph over the Devil in the end. The battle on earth is now in full swing, then the outcome will naturally end as Jeane’s prophecy, with good defeating over evil!

With this election, it is not surprising to see that the evil force has reached the end of the rope. They have torn off their masks to brazenly and desperately fabricate election data, attempting to take advantage of others’ kindness as mental retardation. However, a phenomenon put us into further consideration, are the Eastern and Western camps really incompatible? Isn’t the apparent antagonism between communism and democratic elites in a free society a manipulated performance? Did Satan cast his magic curse in the East only but leave the West retain the values of freedom and democracy?

Everyone knows that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officially claims to be atheistic, but did you know that the founder of Communism, Karl Marx, was once a Christian. When he was in high school, he wrote: “Without faith in God and agreement with Christ, human beings cannot be truly perfect in virtue and satisfy their pursuit of truth and light.” “Only God can save us.”

But why did he later become a devout Satanist and penned for Satanism on earth “The Communist Manifesto”, with the first words of “A spectre is haunting Europe- the spectre of communism”. Besides being smart and curious, the most important reason why Marx was selected by Satanism was that his radical ideas of economic class dualism and strong desire for control, coupled with his lifelong daydreaming ambition of communism, made him extremely aggressive, deceptive, and rebellious. As such Marx formed his main idea of “overthrowing all existing social systems by force”. As he said in “Feeling” after the age of 18, “I will destroy the myriad planets with my own hands, for I did not create them.” And in the poem of “The Pride of Men”: “When my words gain great power, I shall feel equal to the Creator.” Marx’s cult of communism influenced generations of people and was eventually developed into the communist camp represented by the CCP today.

Is there no satanic presence in the free world of the West? Even though Communism force may not function in the name of Communism in western liberal and democratic countries, you can see how deep the swamp in Washington is from this presidential election. The mainstream media, leftist politicians, and technology giants have all been exposed for what they really are, and what was once apparently moral is nothing more than an effort to conceal a demonized inner self, ostensibly infiltrated and corrupted by and with the CCP. The western mainstream media and high-tech social media have always been fiercely attacking the exposure of their real collusion and conspiracy as conspiracy theory with baseless evidence.  

Freedom and democracy are based on moral beliefs. In the West, people are taught to be politically correct when they are young, which is actually a hidden rule of evil. The years of rampant “Black Life Matters” is compelling evidence that the freedom and democracy in the West have been overthrown. Therefore, the Armageddon between good and evil on the earth is the ultimate battle between those who believe in God and those who oppose God, regardless of national boundaries and race.

The devil wants to destroy mankind, but most people are not aware of it.  The evil totalitarian regime and big corporations are adept at taking advantage of human nature’s selfishness and greed to make people go mad with desire so that they can achieve the purpose of controlling people and keeping them away from divinity and humanity. Bakunin, founder of the First International, said, “In this revolution, we must awaken the devil inside of people to arouse their most sordid passions. Our mission is to destroy, not to teach.”

The battle of President Trump win his re-elected is a matter of ultimate showdown between good and evil, between truth and fraud, as well as between rule of law and dictatorship. The last hope and future of our humanity will rest with President Trump and all those who stand for justice. President Trump is endowed with the wisdom of God and is given the mission of God to remove most devil forces from the earth. In the process of draining the swamp, he will break the hidden rules and evil laws made by evil forces in our world. We should have every confidence in President Trump, his team and allies, and keep them in our prayers.


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