11/21/2020 On Newsmax TV , Sidney Powell discusses allegations on voter fraud, elected officials fraud, Dominion Voting Systems

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Sidney Powell joined Newsmax on the phone interview to discuss the latest developments in the 2020 election investigations. This was ANOTHER EXPLOSIVE interview by the Trump attorney.

Reporter: Whatever the problem was, Sidney if you can hear us great to talk with you tonight. How are you doing and it’s good to talk to you as always I want to start of with just the ruling the biggest news out tonight . Is this Pennsylvania ruling from this? Federal District Court judge , what do you make of that? 

Sidney Powell: Well, you know each of the district court judges has their own particular perspective on things . I think judge was appointed by president Obama , we really don’t expect to win a lot of the district court cases but ultimately the court of the appeals and the Supreme Court are we’ll have to get it right . We’re very clearly on the law and the facts on multiple issues and we haven’t even begun to present the big fraud case yet that I am still working on and it’s going to be a blockbuster.

Reporter: It’s interesting obviously I mean you guys had the news conference this week . There was a lot of compelling stuff in there , it sounds like you guys were making progress going down a road of investigation but as I think anybody understands when you’re trying to lay out a case, it takes time  to find out what you have . You had a  bit rub with Tucker Carlson this week who basically said you didn’t have any evidence when they asked you. What’s the truth of the matter there? Because that made a lot of news .

Sidney Powell: Yes, he sent me some very abrasive and disrespectful emails and text messages and I responded politely offering him a different person as a witness who could explain that it simply didn’t have time to do it then and I sent him a copy one of the compelling affidavits that we have in the case and apparently that wasn’t sufficient for him . He was having a little bit of a tantrum , but I didn’t see or hear what he said and I haven’t had time to listen to what he said after that I’m just proceeding on my course of getting the case ready to prove in a court which is where we prove the cases of law, not in the media.

Reporter: What is your timeline as you look at this, you know what the timeline , you think before you can put it some of this evidence that can really , if you want to shut the media up, but they said you guys have nothing . When will you have some of this stuff that’s this hardcore evidence and paper in writing?

Sidney Powell: Frankly the affidavits we’ve already introduced are hardcore evidence their firsthand testimony of witnesses who saw how and why the system was created and how it worked to accomplish the objective for Hugo Chavez(Ex Presidente Of Venezuela) They’re people who saw ballots being destroyed , we’ve got evidence from people who saw fake ballots being created , we’ve got all kinds of different evidence and then we’ve got the statistical and mathematical evidence , that’s absolutely irrefutable . I mean a coin doesn’t land on the same side when you flip it 186,000 times . You can’t just inject 86,000 Biden votes and expect anybody to believe those are real and they’re not….no matter how you analyze the statistics whether it’s a predictive model or the actual data as it comes in . It doesn’t hold water and we’ve got other testimonial evidence that appears to be coming in now to indicate the democrats literally added 35,000 votes to every democratic candidates to begin with.

Reporter: In any particular state, or you say 35,000, where? 

Sidney Powell: We’ve got it definitely all over one state and I would be willing to bet it happened everywhere .

Reporter: When you lay out this out , and you’re going to do this in court , do you have what you think is irrefutable evidence that will make up the minds of millions of American people?

Sidney Powell: Well , the burden of proof in court is only a preponderance of the evidence , it’s not a beyond a reasonable doubt , that’s the criminal standard , but frankly with everything we’ve got these should be criminal prosecution at a significant level for fraud and conspiracy to defraud beyond provable beyond a reasonable doubt. There are hundreds of thousands of people in our criminal system right now, in prison who were converted on far less evidence of guilt than we have here .

Reporter: Sidney Powell , I want you to react to something that the scene this republican senator from Pennsylvania Pat Toomey just said in reaction to the District Court judge’s decision the District Court judge is someone who’s very close to Pat Toomey- Senator Toomey says that president has now quite exhausted all plausible legal options to challenge the result of the presidential race in Pennsylvania , is that true?

Sidney Powell: No, that’s not true at all.

Reporter: Can you explain why is the senator wrong?

Sidney Powell: He’s is wrong because Pennsylvania was one of the hot bets of many varieties of fraud and criminal acts that the Department Of Justice frankly should be in there prosecuting . We’re going to dump a whole lot of them into evidence in our fraud case that we’re going to file in Pennsylvania .

Reporter: Why do you think the Justice Department isn’t being more aggressive in following up on what you say. 

Sidney Powell: I think the justice department has known this issue for a long time and turned a blind eye to it. I wonder how much the CIA actually had a role in starting this kind of program to begin with , we use on other countries .

Reporter: Why would Donald Trump’s Justice Department no the interested in this ?

Sidney Powell: You know I wish Donald Trump had as much control over the Justice Department as people think he does. It’s taken on a life of its own. I don’t think even Bill Barr has the control over the justice department that he would like to have , because there are so many lawyers in so many different places doing whatever it is they want to do and ignoring the standards and practices that historically created the justice department to seek justice and not convictions . I mean I wrote a book about that back in 2014. I mean we have been on this increasingly bad path for decades now and it’s done nothing but get worse because nobodies told the truth and stood up for the truth. But Americans are now , they’re lived about this and they could see it , everybody saw it election night , they saw votes being subtracted from president Trump and appearing on the Biden side for the scale and that’s exactly what this Dominion system was designed to do and we have eye witness testimony to its entire creation for that very purpose .

Reporter: There have been warnings about this system we were talking about it earlier , Sydney , I mean you have senators Warren and Klobuchar that made a big think about the 2018 midterms saying that they don’t trust the Dominion that they saw evidence that votes could be switched using these systems. These are democrats who ran for president. What I don’t understand  is how does this get ignored . I mean this is a nationwide. This is a democracy shocking scandal if it is true. And it’s so big and I can’t even wrap my head around , I just wonder how does this happen?

Sidney Powell: Well, that’s exactly how it happens, because it’s so big, nobody wants to wrap their head around it , nobody wants to on tie all the little knots that go into it. But we have to, if we’re going to be a constitutional republic , this cannot go on . Our votes must be counted fair and true,  every legal votes is entitled to be counted in, every illegal vote nullifies. The vote of an American citizen and our public will of we the people. It’s absolutely counter to everything this country was founded on , so we have got to get this fixed now, I can’t unsee it . I’ll tell you that I certainly cannot unsee that what I have seen and I’m going to make sure everybody else knows everything I’ve seen too. Because we’ve got to hold our government institutions accountable and do better than this by each other and it does cuts across both political parties , it cuts across generations now or at least multiple decades of this kind od corruption it’s got increasingly more sophisticated. Smudge the edge of a ballot and stick it through the machine and at the ballot would be rejected but now they can literally drag and drop hundreds of thousand of boats wherever they want them , and everybody knew when they bought this system and that was one of the features of the system . We’ve caught people living now and saying that things that happened that ran people out of voting areas and we’ve got tons of evidence . It’s so much it’s hard to pull it out together. 

Reporter:  How big of conspiracy? How many people would have been in, on something like this? 

Sidney Powell: Oh gosh, probably thousands including the people running the machines at each polling centers ,we know for example that one of the higher ups of the Dominion went to the Detroit the night of the election to handle things himself . And we also have evidence that there were any number of VPN lines open to the internet for foreign actors to be meddling in it.

Reporter: Has anybody given you an explanation that as to why they had to turn the machines off? 

Sidney Powell: Our witness from Venezuela who saw it all created and how it worked said that he knew as soon as the machines were turned off in those key straights it was, because we the people in voting Trump and voting for Trump in a landslide election had essentially broken the algorithm that has been pre-programmed into the machine, so they had to stop counting in those states and areas and backfill the vote with fraudulent mail-in ballots or whatever means they used to do it whether they just injected numbers or trashed votes for Trump, otherwise and changed the numbers . I don’t know exactly how they did it right now in each spot but that’s essentially the way it worked . 

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