News Flash! The outbreak in Shanghai has spread to many places. The Pudong Airport was closed for testing.

Written by: WENYOU

On November 22, 2020, the parking lot of Shanghai Pudong International Airport was used for concentrated nucleic acid testing, with long lines and crowds of people due to the imposition of 24:00 deadline.

According to the Epoch Times, Shanghai Pudong International Airport was closed from November 20 to 21 after two more confirmed cases of Coronavirus (CCP virus) were announced, employees were concentrated in nucleic acid testing and they are not allowed to go out.

The airport was also upgraded to a medium risk zone after only two new confirmed cases were officially announced, even when more people were tested positive in Pudong area.

The Pudong International Airport was closed and employees were concentrated in nucleic acid testing.

On November 22, Shanghai Health Care Commission announced a new locally diagnosed case on November 21 from 0-24. The patient, who usually lives in Pudong New District, is the colleague of Wu who was working in airport cargo terminal and diagnosed on Nov 20th. He was tested positive as a screening subject for nucleic acid testing, and diagnosed as a confirmed case.

On the evening of Nov. 22, Ms. Zhang, a citizen, told Epoch Times that the Pudong International Airport had been closed on Nov. 22, and nucleic acid testing was concentrated in the airport, including all airport personnel in the first supervisory area, west cargo area, and east cargo area. The test area is located in Pudong Airport P4 parking lot AB building. The Airport has also asked the nucleic acid tests for these personnel be completed by 24:00 am.

Ms. Zhang also said that the authorities should have realized that the spread of the epidemic started at Pudong Airport, and that if they had not been so forceful in demanding inspections, it might be out of control.

Due to the unreasonable demands of the Shanghai authorities that the nucleic acid tests must be completed by 24:00 on the 22nd, there was a long line of people at the airport, and the crowd was overwhelming and there was no social distance between them. Video footage of the scene shows people passing out and being removed from the line due to exhaustion from the long wait.

Since Shanghai officials announced the diagnosis of a porter at the west cargo terminal of Pudong Airport on November 9, there have been three confirmed cases at the airport. Total six local cases in Pudong recently were announced by officials.

One of the confirmed couple, a nurse, worked at Pudong Hospital, which was also closed on November 20 to centralized nucleic acid testing.

More cases in Pudong, withheld by authorities

On the evening of the 22nd, Shanghai Health Care Commission announced that two new cases were diagnosed in Shanghai that day, and that the area in which they were located, the area of Lane 126, Shunhe Road, Zhangjiang Town, Pudong, was upgraded to an medium risk area. The authorities also stipulated that, in principle, people in medium-risk areas should not leave Shanghai, and those who do need to leave Shanghai must hold a negative nucleic acid test certificate within seven days.

The Shunhe Road neighborhood in Zhangjiang Town of Pudong is also known locally as Chuanyang Xinyuan II. The community’s WeChat group was discussing about the epidemic in the afternoon of the same day (22nd), 7 hours before the official announcement.

According to a spread map of the epidemic provided by Shanghai citizens to the Epoch Times, as of the 22nd, Pudong area of Shanghai, including the officially announced Zhuqiao Town, Zhangjiang Town, Zhoupu Town, Pudong International Airport, outside the private disclosure, at least two areas including Huinan(next to Zhuqiao Town) and Tang Town(next to Zhangjiang Town), were found people who tested positive for nucleic acid, but the official announcement has not yet been made.

According to WeChat group(named “Security Control group” among top managers) messages  that provided by the citizen to the Epoch Times, “On 22:00 of 21st,we received Pudong epidemic prevention station notification, Zhang, an employee of Ritong company on the third floor of Tang Town office building, her husband was tested positive for nucleic acid, Zhang herself is a close contact, but her test report has not yet been released.”

The news also disclosed that the company is currently cooperating with the epidemic prevention station to report the list of related personnel, has not publicly announced the case yet. The property decided to urgently contact a professional virus disinfection company, which is expected to carry out the first round of emergency extermination in the afternoon of 22nd on the lobby, elevator court, elevator bridge box, all toilets and aisles of the office building.

“False data but real epidemic”-People should pay attention to prevention

The Chinese Communist Party has a history of falsifying statistics, and there is no doubt that this epidemic must have been falsified from the beginning and in terms of the number of people infected. Not to mention, the recurrence of epidemic in Shanghai is a good indication of what is to come. My compatriots, we must not believe the imported infections that the CCP is telling us about the epidemic, it will make us lower our guard. We will lose our future once we are infected.

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