What is inside the “Pandora’s Box”that the CCP threatens to open? Please take it seriously! Alert to their ambition to conquer the world!

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In response to U.S. President Donald Trump’s claimed that TikTok would be banned if its U.S. business would not be sold to a U.S. company by September 15, China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin threatened on August 4, 2020, that the U.S. should not force China to open Pandora’s Box, otherwise it would pay the price.

Let’s explore what’s in the “Pandora’s Box” that the CCP threatens to open to the world.

Miles Guo, the founder of the Whistleblower Movement, revealed in 2017 that the Communist Party of China’s NAN PUTUO  Conference has implemented a series of plans to control, steal, and supervise the state. The BEIJING government, in total disregard of the intelligence of the 1.4 billion people, the 90 million members of the CCP, and the interests of the state and the state apparatus, has seized the vast wealth from the Chinese people and transferred to abroad. The reason is simple: they believed that after the 19th National Congress, there would be an escalation in a new movement of chaos, killing and looting, and possibly eliminating opponents through anti-corruption movement. At the same time, they were aware of the threats of so-called political reform, reshuffling of the deck, and their preliminary judgment that an unprecedented U.S. war against North Korea or an all-out war would lead to dramatic political changes in China. Well, these people would not care about the 1.4 billion people, and they would be the first to abandon ship and run away, carry out their shipwreck plan to escape in disguised form.

Kleptorats have the following plans or programs which are part of the contents inside the Pandora’s Box.

BGY Program

B for Blue: full control of the global Internet and purchase of media, as well as cyber-attacks.

G for Gold: to bribe people in various fields with money and benefits to buy influence and achieve infiltration.

Y for Yellow: the use of sex and sexual temptation as a trap to blackmail and control the target, and to destroy the world order in order to control the world.

3F Plan

The 3F plan is to weaken America, to disrupt America, and to kill America. To take America under control means to control the world. Unfortunately, from the 2020 U.S. election, we have seen the pervasive infiltration power of the CCP, its intervention in the election, vote fraud, and a series of U.S. election chaos in the CCP’s shadow.

No. 91 and No. 94 Documents

Regarding documents No. 91 and No. 94, one is the text version and the other is in form of video stored in hard disks, which contain everything from sexual intercourse, overseas relations, children studying abroad, illegitimate children, wealth transfer, internal strife, wiretapping, and videotaping, etc. for the important members of the CCP during the 70 ruling years.

Mr. Miles Guo has obtained related data about 200Tb, and hundreds of thousands of documents are in the hands of Jiang Zemin’s family. The Document 91 covers almost every country in the world, and GTV has already released a fraction of sex videos of Hunter Biden. The hard drives cover a wide range of national leaders, politicians, business figures, media, bankers, ministry of justice, military, science world, elite of sports, stars of Hollywood, etc.

Document 94, controlled by the Jiang Ze Min family, includes the CCP’s long-term evil war plans against the West, the CCP’s internal military development plans, and a “Special National Security Fund. The “Special National Security Fund” is more like a wealth route map that can lead us to land deeds, gold, and trillions of dollars of hard-earned money stashed overseas by CCP kleptocrats that have disappeared into thin air.

There are no more than 3 people in the world who can look at Documents 91 and 94 together.

Architectural Art Project

The Architectural Art Project is the code name for the folder. The management folder for registering and cultivating Zhong Nan Hai’s many illegitimate children abroad from seed, the global layout of the illegitimate children, was code-named the “Architectural Art Project “. The documents were handled over by Ling Jihua to Ling Wancheng who brought it to the United States.

1. registered :There were too many illegitimate IVF children of Senior Officials, and they needed to be registered, otherwise they would be confused for each other.

2. Growing up: These “red” offspring are the carriers of the Communist Party’s genetic information, seeded around the world through surrogacy, IVF, mixed blood, etc.,. A huge amount of money stolen from the Chinese people were spent on them, sending them to prestigious schools and to take elite training in a well-planned route. These red offspring can be passed on, with a series of passwords as special ID number, and a single contact line each time. (In the past, family foundations were given a piece of document, but in the future an additional condition can be added, which must require a certain standard of gene sequence similarity in order to have signature authority. Because corneas and fingerprints can now be taken, there is no way to fake the genes!)

3. Rise to power: To occupy a position of political leadership in their country through election campaigns. After receiving an education from the elite and reaching adulthood, the offspring of the Red CCP are then married off to the country’s political and business elite and run for office. In this way, they can run for office and occupy public positions such as congressman, deputy prime minister, and even president.

The architecture art project is the genetic, wealth and political map of the Red Families of the CCP. After the CCP family planning, the common people could only have one child, but the CCP kleptocrats have had hundreds of illegitimate children and kept separate registries. In addition to the genetic map, the wealth map, and ultimately the network of political connections, these people look like U.S. citizens, but the outside world doesn’t know where their money comes from. The spread of the CCP’s red flag of sperm across the globe and across generations will also shock the United States, while the Chinese people will be working for generations to pay for the blood of those red-gene illegitimate children.

13579 Plan

1: Create a biochemical weapon.

3: Implemented within three years from 2017.

5: Guarantee the effectiveness of such a weapon for five years.

7: Completely cripple seven countries (including the Five Eyes and Japan and India).

9: Try to horse-trade with the world priority access to a vaccine

The 13579 Plan was ordered by Xi Jinping himself and will be in effect for 5 years starting in 2017. The CCP’s top secret documents 13579, which began with plans to create biological and chemical weapons, describe how P3 and P4 laboratories were used to create biochemical weapons. Unfortunately, each of us has experienced this biological warfare firsthand, beginning with the release of the new coronavirus by the CCP, the worldwide purchase of medical supplies, and the deliberate spread of the virus throughout the world, resulting in widespread deaths in the United States and various Western countries. In the run-up to the election, the virus attacked many anti-communist officials in the White House and even President Trump and his family, crippled the economic life of various countries, changed the West completely, and thus reached the goal of controlling the whole world, ensuring that the CCP’s Red gene dominates and enslaves the whole world. As a matter of fact, the CCP has plunged the whole world into a dilemma, and a war without smoke has been going on.


In the last three years since the launching of the Whistleblower Movement by Miles Guo, the outlines of the CCP’s Pandora’s Box program have been gradually revealed to the world. Miles Guo, the founder of the Whistleblower Movement, has been suppressed and intimidated by the CCP and smeared by the CCP-controlled media with disinformation. Our heroic scientist Dr. Yan Li Meng who issued a series of reports on the CCP’s bioweapon, has been attacked by the scientific community controlled by BGY plan. Our comrades of the Whistleblower Movement have been blocked by the CCP-controlled social media, and the Western Deep State which cooperates with the CCP to deprive them of their endowed human rights, will be spurned by people all over the world.

In fact, the CCP’s Pandora’s Box has been opened, and the United States and the righteous forces of the world must rally to fight back and save humanity from the darkness. There is only one way for the world to go, and that is to take down the CCP! In the end, the angels will eliminate the devil, and good will triumph over evil.

Sources: Miles Guo live video,LUDE MEDIA ,Whistleblower Movement, GTV, GNEWS

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