The Murky Nexus of Smartmatics, Sequoia Voting Systems and the Dominion Voting System

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Translated from GNEWS post entitled “Smartmatics公司、红杉投票系统和Dominion投票系统扑朔迷离的关联”[1] by gnewscanada, 薇文, 不动之光, XM

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has overtaken President Donald Trump by 290 electoral votes in the 2020 U.S. presidential election, despite public opinion overwhelmingly in favor of President Trump. As Joe Biden’s team celebrated, evidence of vote-rigging continued to pour in. The Dominion system used for elections not only made illegal use of CCP-made components, but also Smartmatics Voting Software System leads to cause voting data to be sent abroad. Their servers were eventually seized by the American military forces in Frankfurt, Germany. Public discontent culminated in an outburst in Washington, D.C., Million Mage March on November 14 that people are calling for electoral justice and supporting Donald Trump’s re-election in front of the U.S. Supreme Court.

In the United States, there have been numerous cases of people using high-tech voting systems to manipulate voting results. The election fraud committed by Dominion is nothing new. The Smartmatics software used by Dominion was one of the top voting systems once in the United States and has a complex background and full of controversy, but this time since it has threatened the National security, it got completely exposed.

Smartmatics Voting System in Venezuela

Smartmatics was founded in Venezuela in 1997 by a team of three engineers, Antonio Mugica, Alfredo Jose Anzola and Roger Pinate, specializing in the design and end-to-end deployment of special-purpose technology solutions. Business areas are: electronic voting systems, intelligent integrated security systems for enterprises and governments, and personnel registration and certification solutions for government applications.

The first Smartmatic’s company in the United States was incorporated in Delaware in April 2000, and it established a headquarters with just seven employees in Boca Raton, Fla in November the same year. Smartmatics took aim at electoral voting systems in the 2000 us presidential election after a controversy erupted over misreading votes involving “hanging Chad” in a Florida ballot card where candidates were found with holes punched.

Smartmatic officially unveiled its prototype election automation machine in Caracas, Venezuela, in April 2003. Prototype testing covered all the details necessary for the process of any type of election. During the testing process, the emphasis is on the encryption capability of the system (This is essential for confidential storage and transmission of data) and the strong performance of each device in the software, hardware and infrastructure. “The system passed all tests without any shortcomings,” a company spokesman said.

Two months after the success of prototype testing, Smartmatic completed “a holistic, ultra-safe, automated solution, including hardware and software” in June. The software used in the solution was completely independently developed by Smartmatic, adapting to any type of election process to satisfy the highest requirements of the market. Smartmatic advertises that its own system “provides a versatile solution with 100% security and auditability. This solution will be the most widely used one in the world.”  

Undoubtedly, the voting system that was completely and independently developed by Smartmatic was unable to come out relying only on Venezuela, if there was no support and control of the CCP. This is because the voting system is systematically integrated by hardware and software and from its design to the end-to-end deployment, such a complex technical solution for special purposes, it requires a strong system-wide research and development capabilities. Although Smartmatic established a company in the United States in 2000, almost all of the research and development site for its products has not been chosen to be in the United States; instead, it is in Venezuela, a very underdeveloped country with a lack in fundings, scientific research technology capabilities, and manufacturing capabilities, which is sufficient to prove that the CCP is the real manipulator.         

Smartmatric’s vote solution was the first to be implemented in the recall referendum of President Hugo Chavez in August 2004 in Venezuela and succeeded in securing 59% of the opposition to Mr Chavez’s recall. This result was accused of election fraud. However at that time, people were only suspicious of the electoral process and mode. No one questioned the Smartmatic voting system. The kind-hearted people would never have thought that an invisible claw was controlling the referendum. In the following year, Smartmatic, which has been accumulating for years, finally seized a chance to dabble in the voting system industry in the United States. 

The Sequoia Voting Systems in the United States

Sequoia is a domestic company in the United States. At the end of 1997, it gained benefits from the antitrust actions of the U.S. Department of Justice by obtaining the intellectual property transfer of the Optech series of ballot scanners, manufacturing scanning voting machines, and developing touch-screen voting machines. However it seems that the company was not operating well. After several years of losses, it was acquired by the anticipated Smartmatic in March 2005.  

Thereafter, Smartmatic sent most of its elite experts to remodel some of sequoia’s older voting machines and replace its old technology with avant-garde technology to produce a new high-tech voting system. Many updated election products were sold in 2006 and 2007. 

However, the Sequoia voting system was questioned in the 2006 presidential election:

1) Cook county, the second-most-populous county in the United States, faced many problems from using the Sequoia voting system, which was suspected to be related to a software error in the central computer of the voting system. 

2) After the election problem in 2000, Florida replaced the punch card voting system with a touch screen system, but there were some big problems with the touch-screen system purchased from Sequoia.

Venezuela government owned 28% of the shares of the Smartmatic company and Venezuelan citizens came to the United States to participate in the technical support of the Sequoia voting system that prompted the Democratic Congressman from New York Carolyn B. Maloney  to express “serious concerns regarding the integrity of the election at the national security level.” She asked the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) to investigate in order to determine whether CFIUS followed the correct procedures to review Smartmatic’s acquisition of the Sequoia voting system.   

Smartmatic was exposed during the audit. Its headquarter in Boca Raton was removed and switched to a complex structure with offices in multiples locations. The U.S. State Department stated that Venezuelan owners “still hide behind the network of holding companies in the Netherlands and Barbados;” its organization is “a complex network of offshore companies and foreign trust companies.”

CFIUS made a ruling in November 2007, ordering Smartmatic to sell all the shares of Sequoia system to the U.S. Sequoia management team SVS Holdings, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “Sequoia Holdings”) on the condition that CFIUS waived the investigation of Smartmatic. However, the subsequent situation was far beyond people’s imagination. 

In April 2008, Hart InterCivic voting company, a rival of Sequoia Holdings, attempted to “maliciously purchase” Sequoia Holdings, revealing that Smartmatic had not really divested Sequoia Holdings. The acquisition contact displayed several permanent controls of Sequoia Holdings:

  • Smartmatic still remains its financial control over Sequoia Holdings;
  • Smartmatic owns the intellectual property rights of Sequoia Holdings in the United States, including the computer codes of the voting machine;
  • Sequoia Holdings reserves the right to not compete in overseas negotiations. 

It is alleged that these arrangements were achieved under the review and approval of CFIUS. However, Sequoia Holdings would face a large number of legal liabilities, such as infringement of others’ intellectual property rights, the repeated failures of the voting system, etc. 

As events unfolded, at the end of April 2008, something bizarre happened: the Smartmatic co-founder, who was also the founder of the American branch company, died in a plane crash in Venezuela, along with Smartmatic financial staff and the pilot of the plane. The Venezuela’s interior minister(allegedly a relative of the founder) was the first to rush to the hospital. In addition, The former head of Venezuela’s election commission and former vice President Jorge Rodriguez also went to the hospital.

The crisis of Sequoia Holdings ushered into a turning point when the company was acquired by Dominion in 2010.

Dominion Voting System in Canada (Dominion Voting System) 

Founded in Toronto in 2002, Dominion Voting Systems is a company that sells electronic voting hardware and software in the United States and Canada. Its international headquarter is located in Toronto and the U.S. headquarter is in Denver, Colorado. The Dominion voting system is one of the three major voting software used in the 2020 U.S. election. The other two software are Election System & Software (ES&S) and Hart InterCivic.   

The article “The truth of deep state 1: Staple Street Capital who owns Dominion Voting, involves a huge political background” published on the GNews website with the signature of “α-Vega wei zheng yi xing dong mai tian 67”  has made an in-depth analysis of Dominion. 

The key figures of Dominion are all connected with Carlyle Group. e Carlyle Group is an American multinational private equity firm, it provides alternative asset management and financial services firm with over $203 billion of assets under management, covering 126 funds and 139 fund instruments

“In April 2003, the Carlyle Group was managed by a team of former U.S. government officials, including former Deputy Director of the CIA and former Secretary of Defense Frank Carlucci; James Baker III, who served as Secretary of States during George Bush’s presidency; billionaire George Soros; former British Prime John Magel; former Philippine President Fidel Ramos; former South Korean Prime Minister Park Tae-jun; Saudi Prince Alwaleed; former Secretary of State Colin Powell; the financial assets of Ben Laden Company (SBC) are also managed by the Carlyle Group.”

Behind Dominion is the grimy swamp in Washington D.C., that has been silting for more than 30 years.

In May 2010, Dominion benefited from Antitrust laws in acquiring Premier Election Solutions from over-sized ES&S. In June 2010, Dominion acquired Sequoia Holdings, which at the time had a number of voting systems controlled by Smartmatric and contracts in 300 jurisdictions in 16 states. By doing so, Dominion grew rapidly and became the second largest voting system provider in the United States.

It has been seen that the controller behind Dominion voting system is the CCP and its collaborators who just changed a Chinese robe. As the saying goes:

“The ballots don’t make the results; the COUNTERS make the results.”


After the analysis of the three major companies—Smartmatic voting system, Sequoia voting system, and Dominion voting system, it can be clarified that behind the U.S. voting system, the CCP and Washington Marsh have been deliberately rooted for many years. These forces think they can be above the law if they control the U.S. voting system. They used high-tech means and greeds inspired by the government power, as well as ordinary people’s helplessness in the voting system to manipulate and tamper with public opinion. When these forces believe they can completely control the United States—the beacon of freedom in the world—and every cell of the country, all those who oppose them will inevitably be threatened, framed, or even destroyed. The ridiculous voting results in the 2020 election is a thorough exposure of these forces’ attempt to overthrow the legitimate government of President Trump. When kind-hearted people begin to awake, begin to resist, the power of justice and faith will increase exponentially, and the swamp of corruption in the CCP and Washington will be completely eliminated.      


Electronic Voting Systems with Socialist Origin

The truth of deep state1:Staple Street Capital who owns Dominion Voting, involves a huge political background

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