Summary of the Mr. Mask Show(Nov 22, 2020)

Translated by KY

Edited by 64 Himalaya,Antsee

Proofreading and revised by Mr. Snail


  1. Committee on the Present Danger(CPD) will designate CCP as a transnational criminal organization. The committee was launched on March 25, 2019, with the purpose of making the public aware of the various dangers posed by CCP through propaganda. Many important figures in the committee cannot be seen on the screen every day. The secret committee and the executive committee (closely related to Miles Guo) are the core of the core. After being classified as a criminal organization, the next step is to define CCP as a terrorist organization. Although CPD is an unofficial organization, it must be inextricably linked with the government. Unofficial actions and appeals are very likely to become official actions.
  • Regarding the U.S. election, Mr. Giuliani made it clear that Dominion Software and Antifa have a close relationship. Antifa targets President Trump and the virus targets directly to the U.S. election by mailed votes. When Antifa broke out, Miles Guo pointed out that CCP stand behind it, and CCP wanted to launch the Cultural Revolution in the United States. The company behind the Dominion software has very close ties with other companies that are absolutely controlled by the CCP. The most important instigator, Peking University Founder, and the core department (Ministry of Intelligence and Ministry of National Security)  of the CCP have the deep cooperation. Founder of Peking University is not only the back garden of the central leadership, but also the weapon (Dominion software system, Chinese character source code) that CCP attempts to dominate the world.
  • A company called Monster is actually an anti-Christian company. There are a lot of anti-Christian elements hidden in their trademark logo, such as the inverted cross, pictographic 666 (the Devil Satan), and anti-religious slogans. I believe that this video will make people think thoroughly. Miles Guo talked about the origins of the number 7 and the aliens and in today’s video, as well as the Tui bei tu, Confucius, Laozi, and Shakyamuni. That era was an era when the whole mankind’s thoughts exploded, the way of communication between heaven and man and the relationship is a height that modern people probably have not yet reached. We don’t need to talk about the mystery. From President Trump’s election in 2016, to Zhengzhou Yuda International Trade, Pangu Seven Stars by Mr. Guo, their experience are legendary, and many people and things seem to be destined, I firmly believe in it. The victory of justice over evil is inevitable in the long history of human development, and the devil and evil will be rampant first, but they will eventually be ended. This is a war between angels and demons, between God and Satan. Every one of fellows is chosen to save the world. I firmly believe that.
  • 4. It’s the first time for President Trump to attend the APEC summit since 2017. In his video speech, he reiterated that the United States will continue to achieve unprecedented economic recovery from the coronavirus pandemic and promote peace and prosperity in the Indo-Pacific region through strong economic growth. CCP Xi Jinping, who was attending with President Trump, said differently, saying that China insists on multilateralism and opposes unilateralism, and that CCP will continue to open up to the outside world. The key to the continued increasing market economy is due to whether other countries will open for you. What is the use of your CCP wishful thinking and unrequited love? From the content of the two leaders, we can see that there is a contest behind it. everyone can notice that the ultimate contest between CCP with the forces behind it and the United States is turning from dark to light. Frankly, there must be a winner between capitalism and socialism. Needless to say who will win? There are also virus incidents in this world, which cannot be ignored by the United States, Japan or any other country. The occurrence of all wars in human history is essentially a contest of state power. The old and new profit groups need to realize the exchange of interests or the alternation of power, and at the same time pass on the crisis-ridden social contradictions. When the elimination of CCP is the best for the world and mankind, as well as the Chinese people and the United States, the elimination of CCP is a matter of time and method.
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