Is Human Nature Good or Evil? – Part 3

More recently, an even more evil idea has emerged, Darwin’s theory of evolution, which misguides us that humans are monkeys and we are all superior animals. People have degenerated from humanity into animality, and people have become magnificent brutes. When people firmly believe themselves as superior animals, only pursuing material enjoyment and sex, the human society has become the animal world of the jungle. This is exactly what CCP has fed to us. Further along with the poisoning of communism, people eventually degenerated into devility, dedicating to struggle only. According to Mao, he said “it is unlimited fun to fight against your fate, to fight against your surroundings and to fight against other people”. Miles Guo once said, “Believe in the CCP, run into the crematorium. Anyone who believed in the CCP, none of them had a good end in history, was eventually put to death.” The history of human evolution had been one of degeneration rather than evolution. From the beginning of divinity, mankind has degenerated into humanity, animality and even devility. Today, all of mankind is at the crossroads of the history. Whether we want to drift with the tide and let animality and devility flood over us and ultimately destroy all mankind? Or to swim upstream, return humanity and awaken divinity. The people of the New Federal State of China will definitely choose to return humanity and awaken divinity.

So what is human nature? Is human at birth good or evil in nature, or is it fundamentally selfish? Let us be clear about where this idea comes from? As a matter of fact, we can find the origin of everything in our traditional Chinese culture. Human at birth is good in nature, which is the Confucian view, put forward by Mencius, but he actually emphasized the social nature of people, supporting that human nature is good for their conscience. According to Han Feizi, human at birth is evil in nature, which is a legalist philosophy that people have ulterior motives and system is more reliable. Xun Zi, Han Feizi’s teacher, also known as a great scholar, believed that human nature is combined with both good and evil. So these three viewpoints put us into further consideration.  Nature is natural instinct that does not change. If nature is good, it is impossible to become evil; for the same reason, if nature is evil, it is impossible to become good either, and then what is the meaning of education? If, according to Xun Zi, nature is combined with both good and evil, but they do not switch with each other, so it starts as it is and stays that way forever. Therefore, none of the three viewpoints is true. Some people say that human beings are selfish by nature, and if that is the case, it is impossible to become selfless in the future, so this is not true either. So what is human nature, then? If you do not understand the wisdom of Taoism and Buddhism, you will never be able to figure it out. To some extent, Confucianism is too superficial and shallow; and Legalism is way worse, Shang Yang Ideology in particular, is a very flawed philosophy. External Confucianism and Internal Legalism are considered the lowest in the traditional culture.

What exactly is human nature supposed to be? According to the Dao of traditional Chinese culture, human nature is beyond good and evil, and in the meanwhile, contains both good and evil. They can be switched with each other, or can be neither good nor evil, and this is what Buddha’s wisdom “Emptiness in nature because of the conditioned”. Therefore, what is the good part and what is the evil part? Why is it good at one moment and evil at another?  Please stay tuned for more details in the next episode!


Translator: Squirrel

Original opinion article by Himalaya GFarm Vancouver – 2020/11/23

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