They’re Coming After You Americans; Act Now or Be Enslaved 

Mr. Guo’s livecast on 11/14/2020: With the backdrop of the U.S. presidential election’s massive frauds being widely discovered, and yet all MSM has been relentlessly censoring any voices dare to speak the truth, which are blatant violations of freedom of speech, the First Amendment. Mr. Guo pointed out behind all these, the root cause is the very same red evil of Communism, the CCP, along with the so-called elites of Wall Street, Hollywood, and the U.S. “Tech Lords”, who have been colluding together robbing Chinese people of freedom and human rights for the past 70 years. This is the final chance for the American people to wake up to the facts, and take a stance, or, fall victim to enslavement just as the Chinese people, with no human rights.


Many from the MAGA March kept chanting from their hearts to show their support for Pres. Trump, support for the Constitution. Mr. Guo, I’d like to get your perspective – given the fact that the NFSC now is in its infancy, when it comes to building the NFSC, and considering to help form the constitution for the new China, what could we learn from the advantages of the Constitution of the U.S., and avoid the disadvantages, so much so this constitution  will be able to rely on a system to work its best, instead of relying on certain people, and in turn keep mistakes to a minimum. Thank you, Mr. Guo. Thank you, 

Dongmei, good question! Actually, this is what we NFSC people should mull over the most. You know that I love watching “Animal World”, the TV series. Even in the animal kingdom of Savanna in Africa, for lions, hounds, giraffes, leopards, crocodiles, all have its own kind of rules of the game to live by. This is called the Law of the Jungle. So the biggest difference between us human and animals is that we humans have faith, and, God. We humans also have rules of the game – that is called “law”. We have guidelines to regulate the relationships among people – that is called “morality”. This is something that makes us people and countries coexist in this society harmoniously, and prevent large scale of deaths from happening. This is what separates we humans apart from animals. We humans shall do our best to promote fairness, and allow righteousness to prevail as widest as it may. These are all essence of the constitution of a country. 

Standing at where we are now, can you imagine – through the thousands of years of human civilization, the British common-law system is the pinnacle of civilization, that is, using law to regulate people’s conduct. The British common-law system lent a vital boost to the Constitution of the U.S. It empowers the people with the right of freedom of speech. which is the [First] Amendment. This is the foundation of human civilization. The fact that the members of the CCP Standing Committee & the Politburo all have arranged to get their offspring (incl. the illegitimate ones) settled in the U.S. and UK, shows they believe in this law. They also believe in freedom of speech, the [First] Amendment. They know it is right to believe in God. 

Let’s dial back to 3 years ago, since the dawn of the WM, I’ve been warning the West about the greed of Wall Street, the greed of Silicon Valley, the greed of Hollywood. But the elite-theory oriented policies have been devouring the minimum livelihood required by the working people. What they’ve been really up to? To spread Communism, to spread socialism. They want to enable the 1% to forever control the 99% of population’s wealth, legally. They want to torch your dignity and your human rights, and send you way back to the Sahara-desert era; to make you live like the animals on Tanzania’s Savannah – with nothing left, live primitively, at the mercy of the Law of the Jungle, live like animals. It is designed to destroy the Constitution of the U.S., to destroy the freedom of speech in America. So, the CCP has orchestrated a series of plans such as the “BGY” plan (to extort by Blue/Gold/Yellow, i.e., info/money/sex), the “3F” Plan (to foment weakness/chaos/destruction). It has corrupted all the so-called mainstream media in the States, through this “BGY” plan. All the America’s “Tech Lords”, none has escaped this fate -all have been bought out through the lure of “market” and “BGY”. In the meantime, all over the world, unleash this massive, unrestricted warfare of internet and hi-tech. 

This is exactly what my dire warning was ~3 yrs ago, that America and the West have been dragged into the Dark Age. And the torment brought on by this red devil of Communism can already be seen everywhere in the U.S. This totally blows your mind – This has been the same life that the Chinese have to endure everyday for the past 70 yrs. You Americans have only had a taste of it for 2 weeks, you’ve already found it unbearable. Let’s ask Mr. David, if he had to live like this for 70 yrs, would he still wish to be alive? Please ask Mr. David, ask his American friends – Could they stand living like this for 70 yrs? In the way imposed by the likes of Twitter, YouTube, CNN, Fox, NYT, WSJ… All these gangster media! You Americans, please let it sink in for a moment – to endure what the Chinese have been through for the past 70 yrs… Just like how it is being plagued in America today – silence your voice; on top of that, forbid you from rallying on the streets; on top of that, take away your human rights! 

We Chinese have been robbed of our rights for 70 yrs, actually we have never had them, to be exact! So by now when we Chinese are finally stepping up, chanting out loud, “Take Down the CCP”, it is after a long stretch of 70 years. Have your Americans given it some thought that you actually cannot even stand it for 7 weeks. We Chinese have been tortured for a whopping 70 yrs, who are culpable behind all these? You, the Americans! You, Wall Street! You, Hollywood! You, the self-proclaimed “Tech Lords” of the U.S.! you, the clout of the Washington (D.C.)! The Americans should come to realize by now, it might just be a retribution that America has brought the perils onto itself. 

You so-called American elites *do* owe us Chinese people 70 yrs! It’s high time to return to the Chinese people – democracy, the rule of law, and freedom! The very same you’ve “advocated” in China for so many years. And yet, in the “89-64” Tiananmen Square Massacre, so many innocent lives were lost… Many Chinese, out of conscience, dared to cooperate with the CIA, and yet got betrayed by you Americans. Hong Kong people choose to stand with the U.S. decisively, and yet got sold out by you again! For Taiwan, following the U.S. could mean being bombed into ashes. Dear American people, only when Communism gets eradicated from the planet, you’ll only get to maintain your dignity in the world, to uphold America’s the status of great power. to make America regain its security. 

I believe after this time, Americans will finally come to realize that – if you fail again, like how you failed in protecting the Taiwanese who follow you, protecting the Hong Kong people, Tibetans, and the Chinese people, which led to the Chinese people paying for the price of deprivation of freedom and human rights for 70 yrs. the day of reckoning shall arrive – what you may suffer will be far worse than this. The American people should fully realize this by now. This is also what the NFSC has been telling the American people -We the Chinese people are different from the CCP. The CCP absolutely cannot represent us 1.4 billion Chinese people, Wall Street, the so-called mainstream media, the very few “elites”, after having enslaved us Chinese for 70 yrs, now they are coming after you, the American people! This is the final chance for the American people to take a stance! Thank you, Dongmei. Thank you. 

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We Are America
1 year ago

Bill Gates briefing the CIA in 2005 on using a vaccine to eliminate religion in an individuals brain

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1 year ago

Put our trust in God. Glorify and thank Him for all his goodness. He helped David slay Goliath(1 Samuel 17) Hezekiah appealed to God when Assyria went to war against Judah (2 Kings 18), The Lord gave victory through Gideon (Judges 7) God helped the Israelites against the Amalekites (Exodus 17:8-16 and proved trustworthy against the Syrians in 2 King chapter 6 and 7. Psalm 9 is a great Psalm for these times and finishes with: For the needy shall not always be forgotten,     and the hope of the poor shall not perish forever. 19  Arise, O Lord! Let not man prevail;     let… Read more »

We Are America
1 year ago

Isaiah 5:20 and 2 Timothy 3:1-5


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