Highlights of Lude Media (Night)-Nov 21,2020

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Reveal Close Relation Wang Xuan Chinese Character System with Mr. Miles Guo, Shocking! Li-Meng Yan ‘s Reply to CNN …

• Mr. Lu De reveals connections between Project 748, Mr. Miles Guo’s most important mentor, Mr. He Linle, and Founder’s first key person, Wang Xuan.

o Mr. He Linle, the subordinate of Jiang Zemin, is the person in charge of Zhou Enlai’s 748 Project to help the Chinese Communist Party ( CCP) theft Japanese Kanji character processing technology. And Jiang rose to political prominence with the successful completion of Project 748.

o Since the 1960s, the CCP has begun a widespread effort to acquire foreign technology by conducting economic espionage from Russia, Japan, the USA, and Europe.

o Mr. He Linle and his family had a long history of undercover intelligence work for the CCP, especially in Japan, and were highly respected. Therefore, it makes sense that Mr. Guo would have access to and acquire high-level Chinese intelligence.

o Wang Xuan’s computerized laser photocomposition system for Chinese character typesetting was all stolen from Japan. Mr. Lu De stresses again on the show that the CCP can absolutely hack any computer with a Founder’s Chinese character processing system.

• Dr. Yan’s new report in response to CNN powerfully illuminates the evil and hypocrisy of fake news and the scientific community.

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