Is the Covid-19 vaccine a miracle drug or just another lethal weapon?

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I am not an opponent of vaccines, but rather have deep concerns about the current mainstream media hype surrounding the Covid-19 vaccine, and this article discusses the potential dangers of the Covid-19 vaccine with readers.

U.S. pharmaceutical company Pfizer (Pfizer) said on September 15, 2020, that participants in the company’s clinical trial of Covid-19  vaccine experienced mild to moderate side effects.

Reuters reported on Sept. 16 that Pfizer Inc. presented this information at an investor conference on Sept. 15. Side effects experienced by trial participants included fatigue, headache, chills and muscle pain, and some had fever and even high fever. The data came from a double-blind trial, which means that Pfizer didn’t know exactly who received the vaccine and who received the placebo. Less than two months later, on Nov. 9, Pfizer announced that its mRNA Covid-19 vaccine, developed in collaboration with BioNTech, was over 90% effective. It sent the global capital markets into a frenzy, and the company’s stock price soared. Just a day later, on October 10, Pfizer filed a regulatory filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, revealing that CEO Albert Bourla had sold more than $5 million worth of company stock on September 9, local time. To the confusion of the market, Pfizer and the German drug company BioNTech announced “great news” about the new Covid-19 vaccine before market hours that day, triggering a sharp rise in global capital markets, and CNBC reported that this meant that Bourla had cut his stake which is 61.8% of the company’s stock at nearly its highest price in a year. And another Pfizer executive, company executive vice president Sally Susman, also sold 43,662 shares at the same price on the same day in a deal worth more than $1.8 million, by CNN.

If this Covid-19 vaccine does really work, why did Pfizer executives reduce their stock holdings? It is clear that they have no confidence in the vaccine they have developed.

CNBC reports that it is unclear when Bourla became aware of the data that Pfizer’s Covid vaccine “prevents 90% of infections,” but another company senior executive, Dr. Kathrin Jansen, head of vaccine development, told the New York Times that she had been working on the vaccine at the time. The news was learned last Sunday (8th) at 1:00 pm.

On November 9, 2020, Pfizer announced that it has co-developed a new Covid-19  mRNA vaccine with the German biotechnology company BioNTech that is effective in preventing 90% of infections.

According to Pfizer, the developed mRNA vaccine demonstrated greater than 90% efficacy in 94 subjects with Covid-19 infections. The cases were divided into two groups, one group received two doses of the vaccine and one group received a placebo. The study shows that less than 10% of the infections were in vaccinated individuals, and more than 90% of the cases occurred in patients who received a placebo. With only 94 subjects, what can such a small number ( 94 infections) explain?

Bourla, Pfizer’s CEO, said the duration of immunization has not been known yet. Because Pfizer’s vaccines require ultra-low temperature storage and transport at -60 degrees Celsius – much lower than the storage temperature required for vaccines developed by other U.S. pharmaceutical companies. This leads to the problem of Pfizer’s lack of transportation and storage capacity. Is the vaccine already ineffective when it is removed from a body at -60 degrees Celsius at the time of vaccination and then transported to a body at 37 degrees Celsius? How to inject directly into the body at such a low temperature, which could be life-threatening. This is a serious issue, so the use of this vaccine deserves careful consideration.

It is important that the Pfizer vaccine has not been a real success yet. Vaccine development goes through three phases of testing, and with the current Pfizer vaccine, the third phase of testing is still in progress.

In addition, the Pfizer vaccine success looks like what we’ve seen before – a few months before Bourla sold its stock, executives at Moderna, a biotech company also sold their stock shares after releasing encouraging trial results of Covid-19 vaccine.

On May 18, 2020, at 07:30 UTC, Moderna released early data of the anticipated human trial of the Covid-19 vaccine mRNA-1273 on its website.

Moderna said in a statement that all 45 volunteers who participated in the phase I test developed antibodies, and at least eight of them have developed neutralizing antibodies against the Covid-19. Also, there were no major safety issues in the experiment. Note that only 8 of the 45 people who participated in the test produced antibodies. The number of people tested was so small that the chance of producing antibodies was only about 17.8% at this base number.

However, the manner in which Moderna announced the results of its trials and the lack of critical information about the efficacy of its vaccine candidates has sparked questions and controversy among medical experts. Critics have said that Moderna was overly “hyped” for profit, as the company announced the sale of 17.6 million shares to the public just hours after the results were announced, cashing out $1.3 billion. The move to profit from the stock in hand is also suspicious. The Covid-19 vaccine became the gimmick of a financial scam.

Yahoo News reported on Nov. 20 that Anthony Fauci, the nation’s senior infectious disease official, said the data on Pfizer and Moderna’s COvid-19 vaccine is reliable. Where does Fauci get his confidence when the CEOs of Pfizer and Moderna are selling their stocks without confidence in their vaccines? The depth of the swamp is worrisome with such corrupt officials at the FDA.

We now turn to the German pharmaceutical company BioNTech SE, with which Pfizer is working. The company was founded in 2008 by a German couple of Turkish immigrants, Ugur Sahin and Özlem Türeci, according to information posted on the official Mainz website. The biotech company has been focusing on the development of anti-cancer drugs and tailoring Immune-Anticancer Therapy to each patient’s genes. Unlike traditional radiotherapy and chemotherapy, Immune-Anticancer Therapy aims to activate the body’s own defense mechanisms, allowing the immune system to target and attack cancer cells. However, in the 12 years since BioNTech was founded, no Immune-Anticancer Therapy drug has been approved by the FDA. There is no mention of the company’s anti-cancer drug products on its website (from a Nov. 12, 2020, posting on the Tech Environment website). But it does say that it has treated more than 250 patients. More than 250 patients in 12 years.

In 2001, Sahin and Türeci co-founded a biopharmaceutical company called Ganymed, which focused on the development of Immunocancer drugs. The company pioneered precision antibody therapies against cancer and was acquired in 2016 for €1.3 billion in Germany. The largest biotech deal to date. Together, Sahin and Türeci are among the top 100 wealthiest Germans. (From Wikipedia).

The company’s information cannot be found online right now. It’s an inspiring entrepreneurial story of a husband and wife who started from nothing, and the company was able to sell 1.3 billion Euros without any clear products or a strong R&D team. BioNTech, on the other hand, was founded in 2008. The company, which had never worked on a coronavirus vaccine until December 2019, had the foresight to start developing a new coronavirus vaccine on January 12, 2020, knowing that no Covid-19 pandemic had been reported in any country at that time.

The following information from BioNTech’s website is designed to address Global Coronavirus Pandemic: The Lightspeed Project.

We are developing a potential vaccine based on our proprietary mRNA technology to induce immunity and prevent COVID-19 infection in response to a growing global health threat. To accelerate the rapid development of our product candidate BNT162, we have launched Lightspeed, a global development program.

The program leverages BioNTech’s proprietary mRNA platform for infectious diseases, its fully owned GMP manufacturing infrastructure for mRNA vaccine production, its global clinical development capabilities, and its collaborations with Pfizer and Fosun Pharmaceuticals. While it takes 8-10 years to develop a vaccine, Mainz was able to bring the vaccine from development to clinical development in less than 3 months, which is astonishingly fast.

Safety, speed, and flexibility are critical in addressing the current pandemic. If the safety and efficacy studies are successful, BioNTech and Pfizer plan to seek regulatory review as early as October 2020 and, if regulatory authorization or approval is obtained, expect to produce up to 100 million doses by the end of 2020, and potentially more than the 1.3 billion doses that will be produced by the end of 2021.

Both images below are from the company’s website.

New Crown Vaccine R&D Schedule

Note that development began on January 12, 2020 and the vaccine was developed in collaboration with Pfizer, which provided funding to the German pharmaceutical company Mainz, which means that Pfizer knew about the Sars-Covid-2 pandemic before January 12, 2020, when no country in the world reported about COVID-19 pandemic.

Schematic diagram of Mainz’s vaccine production

The diagram does not show how mRNA vaccines are made or how they work with viruses. Below is the company’s text explaining that mRNA consists of genetic material called messenger RNA, which provides guidance to human cells to produce target proteins or immunogens that activate the body’s immune response to the corresponding virus. The purpose of the vaccine is to stimulate the immune system to produce protective and durable antibodies and T-cell responses against SARS-CoV-2 and to prevent subsequent infection after exposure to the virus. The mRNA vaccines are a promising new vaccine with a high degree of versatility and a good safety profile.

The company claims that their mRNA is advanced by not showing where it is advanced, and since the vaccine is a new, how can you tell that it is highly versatile and has a good safety profile?!

In July, BioNTech and Pfizer announced their lead vaccine candidate: BNT162b2. Their nucleoside-modified messenger RNA Mainz analysis of the primary efficacy of BNT162b2 in their BNT162 mRNA-based vaccine program against SARS-CoV-2 showed that BNT162b2 was 95% effective against Covid-19 pneumonia starting 28 days after the first vaccination, and 170 confirmed cases of Covid-19 pneumonia were evaluated, 162 in the placebo group and 8 in the vaccination group.

Pfizer is confident in its experience, expertise and existing cold chain infrastructure to market vaccines globally. The company has developed specialized transport vessels that use dry ice to control temperature, ensuring that the temperature is maintained at -70°C ± 10°C. By refilling the vessels with dry ice, these ships can be used as temporary storage units for 15 days. Each shipper includes a GPS-enabled heat sensor that utilizes Pfizer’s extensive marketing network to track the location and temperature of each vaccine shipment on its intended route. (From the Pfizer Pharmaceuticals website)

Note: Dry ice is a carbon dioxide solid with a freezing point of minus 78.5 degrees Celsius, which is a very demanding operation at such low temperatures. In the North, people’s health and even their lives are at risk when exposed to temperatures as low as minus 20 degrees for extended periods of time. How can this vaccine be relevant when the storage and transport requirements are so stringent?

From the above information on this website, I know that Pfizer is in charge of marketing the vaccine and BioNtech is in charge of making the vaccine. As Pfizer is the largest pharmaceutical company in the world, I don’t understand why a company that is unknown and has never developed any vaccine for the virus in question should work with.

Ugur Sahin was born in Turkey in 1965, emigrated to Germany with his family, and graduated with a doctorate in 1993. He became a professor at the University of Mainz in 2006. [University of Mainz (full name Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz)] (from Wikipedia)

I checked Google Scholar and found only one of his pre-doctoral dissertations on monoclonal antibodies in cancer pathology. It was published on November 1, 1990 in Cancer Research, a journal published by the American Association for Cancer Research. The information posted on Google Scholar’s website shows that he has until December 31, 2019 to research on cancer drugs. And the research on the Covid-19 vaccine does not begin until January 1, 2020. On January 1, 2020, there are three papers on the scientific papers website that show Ugur Sahin as an author, with one as the first author. It is important to note that the publication date is January 1, 2020. I know, the time from submission to publication of an academic paper can be as short as half a month or as long as six months.

Next, we look at the Chinese Communist Party’s Fosun Pharmaceutical Company, which is cooperating with the German company Mainz. From Mr. Guo’s disclosure that Fosun Pharma is the lacky of a certain Chinese Communist family, Fosun Pharma’s website shows that he has several drugs produced by other pharmaceutical companies, which shows that it is a shell money laundering company.

The above analysis is based on information published on public websites.

Here’s a professional perspective on whether the COVID-19 vaccine is actually possible.

A vaccine is a biological agent made from bacteria, viruses, tumor cells etc., that provides specific immunity to the recipient through vaccination.

Thimerosal (which is metabolized to ethylmercury upon entry into the body and excreted within 18 days) was once used extensively as a topical antimicrobial agent to prolong the shelf life of vaccines and to reduce production and storage costs. Increasingly, vaccine stockpiles have been required to avoid the use of this antimicrobial agent altogether or in small amounts, and the Bush administration in the U.S. pushed for the removal of some of these restrictions in the early 2000s and increased the amount of mercury available to pharmaceutical companies to facilitate vaccine preservation. The World Health Organization (WHO) has concluded that there is no scientific evidence that thimerosal (ethyl mercury) in vaccines poses any harm to humans.

Note: Ethyl mercury is highly toxic. In conjunction with the Bush-era “New World Order,” WHO deceived the world in order to reduce population.

Antibody, also known as immunoglobulin (Ig), is a large Y-shaped protein secreted primarily by plasma cells and used by the immune system to identify and neutralize foreign substances such as bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens, found only in vertebrate blood and other body fluids, and on the cell membrane surface of their B cells. Antibodies uniquely recognize a unique feature of a specific foreign object through its variable region, and that foreign target is called an antigen. Like a key that opens only one lock, this allows an antibody to bind to only one of the antigens (from Wikipedia). This is the crux of the matter. An antibody to only one antigen, whereas vaccination produces only one antibody.

Dr. Limeng Yan, a heroic scientist from the University of Hong Kong, revealed that the COVID-19 was synthesized by the Chinese Communist Party’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) using the Zhoushan bat virus and the SARS virus, which is an enhanced version of the SARS virus, also known as SARS-Covid-2, and that the SARS virus was synthesized artificially, and the patent of Internet Report had been applied for. SARS-Covid-2 is a biological weapon manufactured by the Chinese Communist Party.

Emails obtained by the U.S. Right to Know have recently come to light indicating that a statement by 27 prominent public health scientists in The Lancet denouncing “the conspiracy theory that COVID-19 is not of natural origin” was written by the nonprofit EcoHealth Alliance ( (EcoHealth Alliance), which has received millions of dollars in funding from U.S. taxpayers, to conduct research with scientists at the Wuhan Institute of Virology on genetic manipulation of corona viruses.

This is further proved that they created the virus under the leadership of CCP. This virus is so infectious and mutates so quickly that it is impossible to use one vaccine for all the mutations of the virus. On November 20, at Zero Hedge, Tyler Durden reported that the new COVID strain may render the vaccine completely useless, and that two dangerous mutations are already spreading.

Dr. Limeng Yan also revealed that the PLA laboratories did not create one virus, but a series of viruses when they created these biochemical weapons viruses. Then the vaccine would not work.

From the analysis of web-based data above, it concludes that they already knew about the SARS-covide-2 pandemic, quickly stated that they could produce a vaccine, and then went from planning to production with the cooperation of FDA official Anthony Fauci, the Chinese Communist Party-controlled World Health Organization (WHO), and the mainstream media. The chip in the vaccine has complete control over your physiology and psychology, engaging in the Great Capitalist Financial Reset and it can also be used to deprive you of your rights to property and freedom, forming a completely closed circuit to control the human race and achieve the goal of globalization. Plans for slavery.

This is not a conspiracy theory, this is the reality of the surface world as it stands now.


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5 months ago

Thanks for this analyzing report. You should have read Germany Newspaper, how proud they are of this Turkish Couple living in Germany and treated by the Medias like heroes saving the world with their vaccine. However it is disappointing to realize how German Medias and industry like VW and Mercedes Benz are under control of CCP. Especially Mercedes Benz with direct partnership to Xi Jinping.