Summary of the Mr. Mask Show (Nov 21, 2020)

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Today is a special day. Nov. 20 is the second anniversary of the establishment of Rule of Law Foundation and the second anniversary of Wang Jian’s press conference. The world has changed drastically in the past two years. Our Whistleblower Movement, GTV and GNEWS have become one of the important mainstream media affecting the world structure, and even the New York Times has begun to break in the day to take advantage of the Whistleblower Movement’s popularity.

The outcome of the election was finally decided by the law of the United States. The laws of the United States are more reliable than any political party and any government, and the power of the law to destroy the communists is immense. Since the establishment of our Rule of Law Foundation two years ago, many, many things have been done within the legal scope of the United States.

1120 Important Review

Reviewing the video of the disappearing wall, there are more people posted on the wall now. Many crazy people at the time are now in prison. Wang Jian’s fate is the future of domestic entrepreneurs.

U.S. election

  1. Very bad news. It is bad news that both President Trump’s son and Mr. Giuliani’s son were diagnosed positive. It is not accidental and full of warnings, and it was very scary. Miles Guo once said that Trump will definitely win the presidential election, but he was very worried about the safety of President Trump and his team’s family. The Communist Party will become even more crazy next. The Communist Party will be even more crazy next. Take down the CCP is the only remedy and the best vaccine to save mankind.
  • Sidney Powell: Documents should be exposed online as soon as possible and witnesses from everywhere should be protected. Dominion’s office was suddenly shut down and moved away. Employees deleted their information on LinkedIn. The server in Germany has been confiscated by the U.S. military. The U.S. government is investigating. The information on this server is directly transmitted to four countries that have extreme interests against the U.S.

Mr. Mask: The relationship between Dominican Server and Founder of Peking University, Wang Xuan of Peking University, source code, and these companies, Miles Guo broke the news three years ago that will be revealed step by step afterwards. The purpose of interfering in the election is to kill President Trump, because the election of President Trump threatens their interests 

  • A computer professor who has been engaged in the research of electronic voting systems for ten years: The foundation of our system is vulnerable for being attacked. We have experimented with creating virus-like texts in the system to silently change election results. By studying the touch screen and optical scanning system of the voting machine, we can find ways to destroy the machine and stop stealing votes. Hackers can target weak locations in swing states, putting the entire country at risk.

Mr. Mask: It shows that the system is very likely to be attacked. In the religious circles, most of the middle and lower-class people support President Trump, and the votes are authentic and credible. Biden’s ballot is likely to be problematic. Such a big price to influence the US election, because they know that if President Trump wins, they will be over, and if they lose, they can last a few more years. The song will also get a deeper comprehension in the future.

  • Lin wood: The real result of the election was that Trump won an overwhelming victory. The Scytl server was seized from Frankfurt showing that President Trump won 410 electoral votes and more than 70% of the total votes.
  • Governor of Arizona: Does not recognize Biden’s victory
  • G-news: In Pennsylvania, 200,000 deceased people are on the voting list, and official statistics also show that 70 individuals of which are born in 1800 also participated in the vote.

Mr. Mask’s conjecture: as the truth of the US election emerges, another nuclear bomb-level truth of Wang Jian case will be found out at the same time.

Freely chatting content:

  1. The United States will add four more Chinese companies to the defense blacklist.
  • The domestic economy is in a state of dying struggling, and many companies have gone bankrupt. This is still on the condition that is before the United States’s drastic action. If the Ministry of National Defense, the Ministry of Commerce, etc. impose several financial sanctions measures, the Communist Party’s economy will collapse instantly, similar to the former Soviet Union, but now the Communist Party is not as good as that of the former Soviet Union.
  • CCP stated that it will actively participate in CPTPP and support the changeable trade system with the WTO at its core. It is pure self-entertainment.
  • NGO organizations and most international organizations are infiltrated by the Communist Party.
  • The U.S. election has not yet been finalized, and the CCP is still dreaming.
  • Countries that cooperated with CCP are not consumer markets. CCP is selling Chinese people and letting Chinese people pay for them.

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