LUDE Media Breaking news”Dr Yan reports to rebut CNN Fake News”

Editor: RoseSky, Lazyme

Breaking news: Dr Limengyan posted a formal reprot to rebut FAKE NEWS against CNN. She exposed the hidden but interesting infromation related thos scientists who sladerer two Yan reprots and denied lab-origin of COVID-19 VIRUS.

Recently, CNN attacked two scientific reports that we published (“The Yan Report”, “The Second Yan Report”). The first attack was an article about CNN politics. Two days later, a four-minute program was carried out with the same content on TV. CNN’s goal is clear: to destroy the reputation of Dr. Yan Limeng, and more importantly, to destroy the laboratory origin theory of SARS-CoV-2.

Dr. Li-Meng [email protected]·9h

Dr Yan report original source

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